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5 Base Products Used Up

I’ve turned into such a base junkie in the past few months. If I can perfect the flawless base then I am the happiest kid alive. Although my spots do give me a hard time and sometimes I struggle to hide those pesky little things, but never the less the hype with base products has hit me hard with me ending up using most of my favourite products up pretty quickly. With that I thought it would be interesting to do a little post about the products, what I use them for, where I use them and if I would re-purchase. Which actually funnily enough most the products is this one, I think I probably will re-purchase but hey let’s get on with it!

5 Base Products Used Up 3

Nars Sheer Glow- Santa Fe 
This has to be my holy grail out of all foundation. I feel a little panicky writing this knowing I have non left, but soon it shall be sat back up high in my make-up storage. This ones for those really bad skin days, where you need to dip your face into this stuff so that you can actually leave the house with people looking at you funny. Everything from the application to the wearing of this one makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I usually use a dense brush to pack the product all over my face, then fully blend it out with my beauty blender. I make sure every inch of my face is covered, from my hair-line down to where my neck meets my chest, I like to make sure everything looks super blended and natural with it being such a full coverage. This is a dewy foundation which gives you a lovely glow to fill your day, I find I always get the most compliments about my skin when I use this foundation. Another reason I love this one so much is its staying power, I can pop this nat 7am and come back home at 10pm and my foundation is still in the exact same place.
Rating: This gets a 5/5 as it ticks all the boxes.
Re-Purchse: 100% again and again


Estes Lauder Double Wear – Cool Bone 
Again this is another full coverage foundation but this one sits more on the matte side. This had all the aspects to cover up anything that may be putting you off from conquering the day. Although this colour is a little orange on me, I find I can fully blend it out to fit well with my skin shade. For this foundation I only use a brush to apply as I find it a little more drying on the skin it doesn’t need the beauty blender as the Nars one does. The Double Wear doesn’t tend to stay on my face all day like the Sheer Glow, although it does stay put for most of the day. With this being that little bit more drying I find it crumbles a little more on areas where I have dry skin. This is a little heavy in the consistency so if you like something light weight this isn’t for you. Although I love this for the days where I feel like I need a full coverage foundation but I’m not to bothered if it doesn’t last all day.
Rating: 4/5
Re-Purchase: Yes for those days when my skin likes me a little bit more than the last

5 Base Products Used Up 2

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – Custard 
I loved this concealer, but I didn’t feel like it lasted very long. I’m not the kind of person who layers on the concealer because I know from experience that cause a horrible cake effect, so that’s not the reason. This was a concealer for those really big spots that seems to stay on your face for days, it covered them like there was no tomorrow. I have to be honest when I bought this concealer I thought it was going to be for my under eyes, to brighten and make me look like I’ve had a little more sleep than I have actually had but it was far too dark to do that but it worked a treat on those pesky spots so I’m no gunna complain. This is like it says a very creamy concealer, which is great if you suffer from dry patches like I do.
Rating: 4/5
Re-Purchase: I would if I don’t find another that covers my blemishes like this one


Urban Decay Naked Weightless Complete Coverage – Fair/Neutral 
Oh WOW! Is all I have to say really. This stuff is where concealer dreams were made. I pop this under my dark circles and bam they are gone. This wakes my face up like nothing else. Its creamy, rich and covers my under eyes like nothing ever has. I havent tried this on blemishes as its to light, but I think I will be definitely inclined to try a darker shade to help cover my spots in the future. I apply this under my eyes with the applicator and then wait a few seconds, the product almost goes sticky which helps to make the product stick. I blend this out with my beauty blender. I literally just love this stuff so much and again this is another one that I am panicking about since I have about two application left in this little tube.
Rating: 5/5
Re-Purchase: YESYESYES


La Girl Pro Conceal
I’m not to sure what shade this in because it doesn’t have anything on it, like at all. It’s a fairly neutral shade but not light enough to use as an under eye brightener. I have been using this on and smaller blemishes that I have. I mean it works pretty well on covering them but it doesn’t last all day and has nothing on the Nars Radiant concealer. I would say this is more for those who don’t tend to have many blemishes to hide, or feel confident enough in their skin to not have to wear a full face of foundation. Although I do love the brush applicator as it makes it so much easier to apply, although of course you ant blend it out with this brush, I still use my beauty blender to blend this out.
Re-Purchse: Only if I wake up one day with flawless natural skin



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