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Beauty // Make-Up Revolution Rose Gold

Make-Up Revolution Rose Lipstick Review 9When I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw that Make-Up Revolution was bringing out a Rose Gold lipstick collection I clicked straight through to their website to try to get my hands on them. I was slightly premature though, as they weren’t yet released. This meant every single day I was on the website waiting for the realise. The day they finally came out I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could get them in my local Superdrug, I didn’t want to wait for postage. I ran into town as fast as I could and stood with the most moodiest face on when I realised that they were not yet in the shop but only online. It didn’t stop me from getting back home and ordering each of the five in the collection. I didn’t even really look at the shades. I just knew because they were rose gold I had to have them.

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They arrived within 3 days, much to my excitement. The post man must have thought Iw as crazy when I screamed at him. A girls got to do what a girls got to do, right? I pulled them all out and lined them up I was not disappointed at all by the little beauty stood like soldiers in front of me. Of course the first thing I did was swatched them all down my arm like a crazy lady. Then got shouted at for making a mess on my arm before I was supposed to be heading out on date night. Boys just don’t get it! The packaging gets a 10/10 from me.

Now its down to probably the most important bit for all of you but the second most important bit for me. The shades. I love the range they have brought out in there. I think there is definitely something from everyone, from your everyday nude to your pink, red and even your dark vampy purple shade. I love them all though of course. I have to add that these are only £3, so who wouldn’t buy them all! Right?

Make-Up Revolution Rose Lipstick Review 13Red Carpet
This is your very stereotypical red shade. Bright, bold and dare I say sexy. Its one that you can throw in your handbag and if you fancy rocking a red lip, to some unexpected drinks after work, it will work. I found this super easy to apply, the texture is very creamy. Although without a lip liner underneath it does tend to bleed into your skin around your lips. But we all know you gotta pop a lip liner under your red lipstick.

Make-Up Revolution Rose Lipstick Review 16Private Members Club 
For me this name is a little daring, I’m not sure I love it. But the shade is to die for. It really is a true dark purple, there’s the hint of a berry shade but not too much. I think this will look amazing on date night. This is defiantly better on top of a lip liner, and does need a few coats to bring out the true colour.

Make-Up Revolution Rose Lipstick Review 17Gold Diamond Life 
hen I saw this shade I fell in love. If you know me I love nothing more than a good berry lip, mainly in the Autumn/Winter. This shade glides on so smoothly and evenly it made it an ease to wear it. I think this will look amazing with a nice autumn felt outfit and some knee-high boots.

Make-Up Revolution Rose Lipstick Review 14Girls Best Friend 
Out of them all this is probably the one that I won’t wear as much. The bright pink shade isn’t one I tend to reach for everyday but I do like to rock it on certain occasions. The colour pay off is amazing though, and with a few coats of this you literally have the hottest pink lips ever.

Make-Up Revolution Rose Lipstick Review 15Chauffeur 
So I left the best till last and I think it may be everyone’s favourite as its sold out on the website at the moment, but hopefully by the time this goes up they have a few more added to their stock. This is the most wearable everyday shade out of all five them. A creamy nude which I have been rocking for the past week, it’s so easy to apply, lasts a few hours and doesn’t take much to apply it. I love how wearable this shade is and for £3 you can’t really ask for anything more.

Make-Up Revolution Rose Lipstick Review 21 Make-Up Revolution Rose Lipstick Review 23 Make-Up Revolution Rose Lipstick Review

Which is your favourite out of all the shades?


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  • phasesofrobyn

    They’re so cute and ever since I saw them on Instagram I’ve been in love! Wish I hurried up and ordered them though because they’re out of stock – really want Chauffeur!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

  • Lauren Victoria

    I’ve been wanting this ever since they launched! I hate how they’re out of stock though and not in my local store. I’m always going in to see if they’re in yet, but they’re sadly not. I hope they come in soon. I’m in love with chauffeur pretty much like everyone else it seem’s haha. Great review xx

  • Parie Joshi

    I love the look of Chauffeur and Private Members Club!

    Parie x

  • Charlotte

    Swatches look so creamy!
    Charlotte //

  • nikkibayz

    The swatches look really good! Chauffeur looks right up my street ❤️
    Nicole | …What Nikki Did…

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