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Five // Lessons My Skin Taught Me

It’s fair to say I have battled with my skin since I was about 12. No lie. I was one of those girls who lets say hit puberty that little bit early. So that also meant the dreaded spots started to appear. At the age of 12 I didn’t have the luxury that some do now to be able to cover them up. I was the proud owner of my first spot loud and proud. In the playground with people running round me while I stand there finger on spot so nobody can see it. This obviously made matters worse as I spread the bacteria that the one little bugger held to all other areas of my face. I’ve learned a lot since then, my skin is still nowhere near perfect and I don’t think it will be for a long time but it is getting there. And I have still learnt some important lessons, even though sometimes I am still guilty of these things. Old habits are hard to break, right?

Touching and Squeezing // These kind of both fall under the same heading. I have a habit of rubbing my hands over my face, touching spots that I know are already sat there. And sometimes I have to be honest I’m looking for a spot that I can just squeeze. We all know that one person who loves to squeeze their spots. Thats me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t fine it satisfying, I couldn’t squeeze anybody elses spots like some people can. Something hidden deep in side my head tells me that if I squeeze one that it will mean that there is one less. I could not be so wrong! In fact it actually means I spread the bacteria from that one little one that I have forced out, spreading it all over my face. Squeezing one, probably caused about 4 more on my face. Squeezing your spots also does some super damage to your skin. Breaking up skin cells that was probably already trying to fight the spot. My lesson for this one is don’t touch your face, don’t squeeze. Don’t even look at it, it might just tempt you.

Skincare // Until early last year skin care was something I totally thought was a fad. A  money-making scam, in which company’s would tell you how amazing this product is and what wonders it will do for your skin. Oh I was wrong. It wasn’t until I started reading thousands of blog posts about how certain products did amazing things for people’s skin. And I bought into it. I’m still not a fanatic when it comes to skin care but I do try look after my skin as much as I can. I remove my make-up, cleanse, tone and moisturise. Sometimes I will add a serum, depending on how my skin is feeling. And I make sure that at least twice a week I apply a face mask, again with this one depending on how my skin feels, sometimes it will be a moisture one other times it will be a blemish free one. All are important, if you are anything like I was take baby steps. First make the change from a make-up wipe to a cleansing water if you can’t make it that for at least make sure you are cleansing after you have used the make-up wipe. You will be surprised how much make-up is left on your face after you have used that silly wipe.

Fruit // This was another lesson I learnt last year. I got myself a smoothie maker when the fad of smoothies was going around. I struggled to swallow each and every one of them. If I let you in on a little secret I hated them. They where so thick and no matter what I put into them they would still feel like I was trying to swallow something someone else had already chewed up. A little too much T.M.I but I am sure there is at least one person reading this that knows what I am talking about. After about two – three weeks of having a painful smoothie everyday my skin started to change. It wasn’t as oily as I thought it was, my spots started to die down and overall it just looked so much more healthier. Obviously the spots where the main things, I found that there was a lot less inflamed spots, if I had them they where small and I could cover them up with foundation. I have however slowly fell out of the smoothie a day but really need to get back into. I find it the easiest way to get lots of fruit into my body without having to eat lots and lots.

Water // Similar to my last point, I recently started to drink 2-3 L of water a day. I know it seems like a lot but when it is recommended that you drink 4L a day I think I am doing okay. Give it a go, count how many times you are sat on the toilet that day! It was a slightly different change in my skin by drinking water. Yes my spots reduced but also the general puffiness of my face went down. I don’t know if this had anything to do with my spots reducing or if it was just that there was something flushed out of my face. Who knows! But it 100% did something that I wouldn’t change back again for.To be honest I don’t drink that amount everyday but I try my hardest. I’ve got into the mode of if I don’t have a glass of water to hand then I have to get one. This pushes me to drink more. As I don’t have to get up as soon as I get thirsty. It’s already there ready for me. Lazy girl hack.

My Type // Finding out the type of skin I had, took me forever. At first I thought I had super oily skin. I was doing everything I could to dry my skin out. When I was actually making things a lot worse. I was buying products that were meant for actual oily skin which meant that I was causing my skin to become even more oily. This was basically because I was making me sebaceous glands think they had to work over time, as I was washing every little last bit of oil out of my skin. This meant that when it eventually caught up with itself I was left with a layer of oil, seriously if you touched my face you would have oil on your hand. It was that bad. I then introduced an oil into my skin care routine, I use this 3/4 times a week and this has kind of trained my glands to stop producing enough oil as it thinks it has enough and takes a little break. I’m not suggesting that if you have oily skin to does yourself in oil and that will stop the production of oil. Sit back down and put the olive oil back in the cupboard, I can just picture those of you who think you have oily skin running to the kitchen and grabbing the most oily based product you can get your hands on. It doesn’t work just like that. If you do think you have super oily skin, take a minute to think about your actual skin. When you wake up on a morning is your face covered in oil? Or do you have normal/ dry patches and maybe an oily T zone. If that is the case then you certainly do not have oily skin, you have combination which is what I have eventually learnt I have. Do a little bit of research and find out what the best things for your skin type would be. Pssstt very soon there will be an updated skin care routine coming!


What lessons have you learned from your skin?

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