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Hey guys, so yeah im not very good with the whole keeping up with blog post but ive got so much on at the minute from placemet top creating childrena board games!

But i am back and there will be a few more posts in the next week to make up for lost time.

So last week i bought these nailene french expreas press-on nails. 

They are in short pink and have a gel like shine, the part that stuck out to me was that you didnt need to uae glue! Now when i put on nails i always struggle with where to put the glue so i though id give these a go as they already have the glue on the back of the nail. You get 24 nails in the pack different sizes. 
So i sat down to put them on, filed my nails cleaned them and stuck the correct sizes onto my nails. As i hadnt used glue i felt like i had to be extra carefull but after a while i couldnt tell i had them on.Unfortunately the photo i took when i first applied the nails has been deleted but i do have a photo of them on my nails  7 days after. 

As you can see from the photos they are still staying strong on my nails although my nails have grown and pushed them forward.
Final results:
I love these nails and will definitly be repurchasing  these again! They have stayed on perfectly bar one nail which fell off today and i have re put on a nail. Some of the white on the nails has chipped but it hasnt made the nails look bad. 
Lovelovelove these nails and cant wait to get some of their other styles! 



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