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Hiya guys,
Now that we have entered febuary and the laziness from christmas is just about to gone, i thought i would do a mini series to start with on my blog to do with health kick. As i have recently booked my summer holiday to Turkey this year i have given myself a kick up the bum to get myself back to a healthy state.
I have started doing the 5:2 diet which I’m sure most of you have heard off. Basically, you have two days a week where you eat only 500 calories, it sounds like it would be easy but believe me its soso hard! On a normal 5:2 diet you can eat what you want on your normal days but i have decided to stick to around 1200 calories on a normal day and 500 on a fast day. Just to try and beat the bulge quicker. I thought i would give you an update of how i was doing with my diet including how much i was losing each week and what meals i eat and exercise i do to help.
This was my first week off doing the diet so i found this week particularly hard. However i stuck to it and have finally got through it! I choose to have my fast days on Tuesday and Thursday this week just due to my timetable and other reasons.
Amazingly this week I have lost 5 pounds! which I think is great!
Next weeks post will have photos of meals I have been having to give you an idea of what you can and can’t eat.



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