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As a obsessive over anything beauty/cosmetics wise I love the surprise element of receiving a box in which I have no idea what is inside. This month I was lucky enough to be treat to a Wantable Box in which I was very excited about!
I’d never really heard much about the company, but once I was on their website I was completely sold. For those of you who like me have never heard of this company it is a beauty subscription box that originally begun in America but is now being shipped all around the world. It costs $36 dollars for a monthly subscription which for you British readers that is around £21.50 or you can purchase a one off box which would cost $40, making it £23. They are slightly different to the other beauty subscription boxes as with Wantable you can choose from a beauty box, accessories and intimates in which you then fill in a short questionnaire which tells Wantable what types of items you would like to receive. Another difference between Wantable and other subscription boxes is that their products are full size, which personally is what im after. Shipping is free and you can cancel, return or skip a box at anytime.

When I opened the box I was very impressed with how the box was packaged and how it was personalised to me, as you can see in the above picture adding my name to the box. I also very much enjoyed the fact that it used a little blue ‘flyer’ to say hello with the writing ‘Lovely to meet you’. The box was well padded out to make sure nothing could be damaged in delivery with two thick pieces of sponge either side of the make-up. Another part of the box which I really thought was thoughtful was the piece of paper which included all the products I had been sent and the names, price etc. I think that this will help anyone who maybe wants to look further into a specific brand if they are enjoying using that product.

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In this months Wantable Box I received four items which I was very happy with as they where al products that I love to use.

The first I picked out was the Vincent Longo eye-shadow trio in Lulu Eclipse, it has a matte black, a shimmery silver and a shimmery turquoise. I love the look of this eye-shadow all though I haven’t used it yet! The colours are so pigmented and I cant wait to get this used and create a summery look. This retails at $30 which is £17 which is a little more than I would spend on a smaller trio eye-shadow but will defiantly get my use with this one.

Next is the Liptini lipstick in Pink Champagne, which is a gorgeous pinky/red lipstick with gold flecks of sparkle. I love this for a evening look paired with a natural eye. This stays on the lip for a good few hours which is always something im after, this retails at $18 dollars (£10) which I think is reasonable for a lipstick.

I also received a La Bella Donna lip gloss in the colour Seduction which is gorgeous browny/neutral colour which creates a lovely glaze to the lips. The only problem I have had with this when ive been using it is that the when I press down the button to get out the colour I have had to press it a few times before anything comes out colour wise, and once something does come out there is too much product for my lips. This retails at $26.50 (£16) maybe a little more than id like to pay for this item but I will definitely use it up or maybe give it to my mum to use.

The last item I received was the Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus, in Absolute Black. This is a liquid eyeliner in a dark black, I haven’t used this yet so I am yet to see how it is. But im sure I can get use to this somehow and start using a different eye liner to my holy grail Topshop Magic Liner. This retails at $10.99 which is around £7, about normal for the price id pay for a eye liner.


Above you can see the swatches, from left to right, ‘Tini Beauty lipstick, La Bella Donna Lip Sheer, the Eddie Funkhouser eye liner and the Vincent Longo Trio Eye-shadow.

I have really enjoyed receiving this beauty box through the post and would love to try out their other boxes!

Have you ever had the Wantable box? If you have what did you think? What is your favourite beauty subscription box?



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