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This weeks post is all about shoes! One thing that I don’t talk  about much on my blog is shoes, but they are one of those things that when I see them ive just got to buy them. I thought with this post id show you all the different types of shoes I like to wear during the summer months. There is all different types of shoes in this post and all come from different shops, although I do often but many pairs of shoes from Primark each year as they are so cheap I think it is okay to buy them each year from there! Well that’s my excuse anyway. I thought is make this post slightly different and just show you the shoes and let you know where I got them from. They are all different in style and are my go-to shoes during the summer. So here goes…

DSCF1041 DSCF1043 DSCF1042 DSCF1059 DSCF1058 DSCF1057 DSCF1047 DSCF1045 DSCF1062 DSCF1064 DSCF1065 DSCF1056 DSCF1055 DSCF1054 DSCF1069 DSCF1071 DSCF1051 DSCF1052 DSCF1053 DSCF1073 DSCF1074 DSCF1075







  • Emily Shea

    Love the last pair there! Those are so cute! <3

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