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Hiya guys, so as you know well youll know if you read my last post, I visited my brother and his girlfriend in London at the weekend.
We arrived late on the Friday night, so spent the rest of the night in the flat talking and giggling till early hours of the morning. Consuming lots of wine!
We woke up early the next day and headed into Shoreditch where we had a yummy breakfast in a cute little café and if im honest with you I cant remember the name!
We then jumped onto the tube and went into Camden Market, id never been here before and when we arrived I absolutely loved it! There was a real mix of shops, from high end to little market stalls which all sold amazing things.

After a walk around the market, where I picked up a cute bag and purse from a small Indian market shop we spotted the food mall. I seriously couldn’t decided but eventually went for a Chinese box, filled with noodles and spicy beef. I would recommend anyone who goes into Camden market checks out the amazing food places! After we had finished our food we had another look around Camden market and found a bubble tea bar, ive been wanting to try one of these for ages. I bought a peach flavoured on with green tea and strawberry and mango bubbles. This was the most bizarre drink I have EVEREVER tasted! the straw it came with was huuuge to allow the bubble to come up the straw and they burst in your mouth. It was a refreshing but sickly drink.

We headed back to the flat and sat around with nibbles and drinks for the rest of the afternoon, until we finally realised it was quarter too 10 and we hadn’t eaten so we threw some pizzas in the oven and carried on chatting.
On sunday we visited a cute place called Wapping in London we walked around and looked at the gorgeous houses and then pilled in a cute little pub and drank the nicest mocha I have ever tasted. We then got back on the road for our 7 hour drive home.





  • chloe logan

    Great post, definitely want to visit Camden Market.

    chloe // x

  • charlotte samantha

    Thankyouu 🙂
    will definitely be checking out your blog.
    aw Camden was great! would love to do it when it was a bit less busy as i felt like i was getting pushed around but would definitely recommend going there!

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