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On Being Prepared For A Day Out

I don’t know about you but when it comes to a planned day out I love to get super organised. I make all the lists, make sure all involved are included in the lists and plan every second of the day down to a key.

Im talking literally here. 

From the moment you waking up to the moment your head hits the pillow that night, Ill have your itinerary with you by the previous evening and you betcha Im going to have all the supplies ready for you on the day. Need a drink or feeling a little peckish, Ill have made sure I popped that on someones list.

The suns out and you forgot to put sun cream on, got you.

Its raining and you never brought a coat, don’t you worry yourself. I have matching ponchos for us all.

And don’t even start to panic about the first aid kit. You know Ive got that sorted. Fall down and bump you knee, I have all the Disney princess plasters for that. I’ve even got you covered for your hay fever, because you know thats going to pop up at some point on our fun day out.

With that being said my top tip would seem to be making sure you have EVERYTHING. Your not going to get there and be all shit I forgot that, oh and this. Does anyone have one of those. you get me?

Don’t get me wrong you don’t want to pack your bag so full that your struggling to carry it. Thats what your mans there for, am I right ladies? Jokes aside, just make sure you are fully ready for the day. Research if there is somewhere cheap you can go for lunch, pop on the suncream before you leave the house. You know what Im getting at don’t you.

Top – Asos £28
Jeans – Asos £22
Bag – Similar here 
Shoes – Old Matalan






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