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Making A New House Feel More Like A Home

We have been in our house just over a month now and its time to finally say, it actually feels like ours. We have finally put our mark on it and when we walk through the door we can say this house feels like our house. The smell, the feel everything just feels so cosy now and I honestly can believe it. This place is bloody ours. Well, the bank own the majority but we are free to paint every wall, hammer as many holes as we want. 

When we first put the deposit down for our house I envisioned the house being super cosy and inviting. I want people to walk in and feel relaxed straight away, I want them to feel as though they are at home. So of course I started collecting all the throws, candles and trinkets that make your house truly feel like a home.

I think our sense of smell definitely helps t0 make a house feel more like a home. Before we moved into our home I was talking to Sara who has her own Etsy shop called Rituals Home. The shop caters for all your home necessities. Well I like to call them necessities. From candles, to room spray, oil burners you name it she probably has it. She very kindly sent over a few of her products for me to use for when I first moved into my house.

The item that is my absolute favourite has to be the Wild Fig and Grape Rattan Reed Diffuser which of course I am keeping all to myself in my beauty room. Yes pinch me I know have my very own room. A room that Alex can’t touch and I can choose everything I want and don’t have to worry about it being too pretty. EEEEEK. If Alex was reading this right now he would be shaking his head because lets be honest I choose everything in this house anyway. With his approval of course. When I first unpackaged this the smell was amazing. I then left it in my room and went away for the weekend when I came back I couldn’t understand what the amazing smell was. I had totally forgotten that I had put this in my room. Then when I found it I was amazed. This thing smelt amazing.

She also very kindly sent me an Organic Aromatherapy Candle with the essentials oils of Sweet Orange, Lavender, Geranium, Ylang Ylang which honestly smell amazingly together. I wish I was the type of gal who could put all these different oils together to create an amazing scent but honestly it would smell so strange. Ive been burning this in the sitting room on a night an it creates such a relaxing and homely environment.

You can find Rituals Home here.





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