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If you mention the word exercise at this time of year people give you a funny look. Why would you exercise when you can stuff your face with all those yummy treats. But why not do that little bit of exercise and then you can eat even more of those yummy treats. And isn’t it just an extra excuse to get yourself some new exercise gear in?! I love any excuse which allows me to go out and buy lots of new workout clothes, trainers and accessories., have you covered if you are after a fitness watch this Christmas, not only do they record all the things you need to know when looking at your fitness but they also look super stylish. There are so many style’s and colours to pick from, so there really is one for everyone.

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Just because we are talking fitness doesn’t mean you have to immediately get yourself signed up to the gym, lets face it the gym isn’t for everyone. I think at this time of year you’re so busy doing other things that going to the gym is probably the last thing that is on your mind. There are a few things I love to do to keep my fitness levels up, that are super fun! With the help of the Misfit Ray, it has made me actually want to get up from my pillow fought and get my ass into gear. I have to say this time of year calls for load Christmas music and crazy dancing, keep the curtains shut, your neighbors may think your strange. Although this might seem like a stupid thing to do, it still gets your heart beating, better than sitting on the sofa all day. Since I got sent the misfit Ray I have really felt like I have to get up and move, as it vibrates when you have been sat too long. That’s when you really know its time to get moving again. It’s definitely pushed me to get up and do a little bit of exercise. Another thing that I love to do is find lots of different exercise moves and stick them all together. If you’re a little bit more active than going out for a run, or even a walk 100% helps.

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The Misfit Ray is a fun way to keep track of your activities throughout the day. It tracks your steps, distance, calories and light and restful sleep, all in the cutest of little trackers. To track your stats you download the misfit app to your phone this shows you the steps etc that you have done each day. You can set yourself new challenge, add in workout and even take photos of the food you have eaten and add it to your profile. It’s all in the fun though right? I love that it tracks your sleep as it definitely something I need to work on getting a little more of, but sometimes you just got to sit up and watch all those you tube videos. The app you download to go with the Misfit fitness watch is super simple to use and shows you exactly what you need to know. Once you have put in all your stats it tells you how many points you need to earn in a day and that’s your goal to hit. Once you start walking, etc it will add these points up. The other fun part of the Misfit Ray is the fun tracker it has in the actual watch itself. You can tap your watch twice this shows you how far in your goal you are for that day. It will flash with different colours and different amounts of times depending how close you are to your goal. Me being me, I obviously want it to flash with all the different colours so I gotta hit my target. The Misfit Ray is only £63.99 instead of £79.99 so make sure you grab it now! But to be honest, £79.99 is actually an amazing price for such a beautiful fitness watch.


To treat yourself to a Misfit Ray this Christmas head over now.

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