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2016 // Round Up

It feels as though I shouldn’t be writing this post yet, can you believe it is nearly 2017! I may not have hit all the goals I really wanted to achieve this past year but to be honest I am pretty happy with how well it has gone. There have been some really good things happen in 2016 and I am super excited to start 2017 on a high. Just to confirm, not literally just in the mind.

I started 2016, tucked up in our first flat together, eating my body weight in M&S party food and sipping on my one glass of prosecco. Am I painting a picture yet? Starting the year in our own place was amazing, we loved the flat and everything about it. We then had a few issues with our neighbours below us and unfortunately had to move out. We got ourselves a new flat but to be honest, it was never right. We didn’t make it our own  and it was soo much bigger than the last place that our stuff looked lost. Rewind a month of two, whilst sat in our lovely little flat we booked ourselves a trip away to New York. It is something I had wanted to do for years, I had always said that I wanted to go to New York close to my 21st birthday. It was booked, to let you into a little secret I may have cried. When I say cried I was sobbing, I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to New York, two days after my 21st!

The next few months dragged, the only amazing thing to happen in early summer was for Alex to graduate. It felt like he had been working his butt off for months and it was finally time to celebrate! Proudest girlfriend moment ever! August the dragged!!! I had so many things to look forward to. On the 23 of August I broke up from work for three weeks. On the 25th my mam took me down to Leeds for the night to celebrate my birthday, we spent the afternoon shopping, then went for some amazing food and shopped a little more. I had booked up in Pastille Nail Bar in Leeds to get some bio sculpture nails ready for my trip to New York. Then spent the night in the hotel spa and ate so much picky food back in the room. Once we got back from Leeds, I had a BBQ night with all my family, we played games, my mam decorated the whole garden. I was spoilt so much on my birthday I couldn’t believe it. Two days later and I was on the plane to the big apple. I literally had the most amazing time ever! And to top it off on Sunday the 4th of September Alex asked me to marry him in Central Park. Of course through the tears I sobbed yes. It was perfect.

Fast forward a few months and we are now living in with my parents to save for the next year to buy our own house, then of course save for the wedding! I have had such an amazing christmas and was of course spoilt again. I am now kinda hibernating in the mountains of chocolate, blankets and watching all the amazing movies that are on sky at the moment. I am so excited for 2017 and what it has to bring!

P.S Keep your eyes peeled for a 2016 beauty round-up!


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