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10 Things To Do On Your Weekend Off

Another weekend done. I always seem to have so many plans when it comes to a weekend. My to do list is crazy long and I’ve probably got a list of my to do lists. Anyone else do that? Sometimes its good to cut out the to do lists and spend some time with loved ones. It’s not always easy switching off from your busy week at work, and sometimes you leave work on a Friday thinking about all the things you have to get done on Monday but you’ve got to switch that off. Move on and focus on now. Because thats what matters, at the end of the day you go to work Monday-Friday to pay for the life you want, not because you love your job and thats what you live for. But hey, if you do then go you! You are acing it. Anyway, back to the punch line. Heres a quick fire list of ten things you can do with your loved ones next weekend which will make you think, goddam theres a reason why I call you family/friends.

  1. Go to your local museum, there are so many around that we just never visit
  2. Go for a long walk in the woods, get lost, live a little
  3. Find the nearest spa, book yourself in for a spa pass and get super relaxed
  4. Cook for your best friends, wine and dine them and tell them its black tie event
  5. Grab your favourite book, a picnic and head to the nearest beach. Chill out all day
  6. Spend a full day hitting the shop, maybe keep this one for pay weekend
  7. Spend the afternoon bowling, then hit the restaurant that you’ve never been to before
  8. Find when your local market is on and go explore, you never know what you might find
  9. Jump in the car drive, you never know what you might find
  10. Cosy up under the duvet, stay there all day with your favourite sweets and movies


There are so many things here that even I haven’t done, it just makes you realise how much you waste when you spend your weekend off in the house. I will be definitely be making more of these lists in the future. It so tells me what I need to do more of!


CharlotteSamantha. OX




  • Leanne

    i have such a bad habit of sometimes letting my mind wander to work things, especially on a sunday! love the tips, hope you’ve had a great weekend x

  • Abi Street

    This is a such a lovely post – I love adventuring on the weekend and finding new spots to eat or go for a coffee x

    Abi | abistreetx

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