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Disappointing Buys

Although I am a huge beauty lover, some things I just can’t get away with. Some I leave for months, then try again. Others I just leave sitting about until one day I have a huge clear out and BAM there all gone. As you may well know I am trying to use up the things I have before buying anything new, and saving for a house means I can’t really buy new things so if Ic an find things that I love that I already own, where onto a winner, right? There may be a few of these over the next few months, or you may see some in my Love or Hate series, things that I just can’t decide.

It’s only right to talk about a hyped about product first of all. I think all beauty addicts got a little bit excited about the concept of this one when it first came out, I saw so many reviews and ‘not worth the buy’ posts when this first came out. The Rimmel Volume Shake mascara, which claims to be clump free. If your like me, I love trying out new mascaras. So when this claimed to never dry up due to the shake mechanism I was won over and added it straight to my basket. However, this clumps my lashes together like nothing. I love a good lengthening mascara which makes my lashes look full. This just didn’t do that. I gave it a good try and thought maybe after a few uses it will settle down but no. Unfortunately, its no from me. I just can’t get into it, so much so it going in the giveaway pile. Maybe one of my friends or family will love it.

This one I so wanted to love. I’ve tried and tried, I even bought a different shade hoping that it would work but it just doesn’t. The NYX Lip Lingerie, I have mine in the shade Embellishment and Teddy. I know some people absolutely love these but I just can’t get away with them. I find them super drying and kinda clumpy on the lips. Im sensing a clumpy theme to this post. They don’t blend and I don’t feel comfortable wearing them. On another note I absolutely love the NYX Butter glosses.

The last is something that I thought I loved and recently have realised I really don’t get on with it. It is the Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter in Moon Glow Lights, this just doesn’t do anything in terms of highlighting. I don’t tend to reach for it and it just sits there waiting to be used. It quite powdery and just shows a light strip on my face, which doesn’t look great let me tell you. I am someone who wants their highlighter to pop, be slightly sparkly and this just isn’t. Sorry Makeup Revolution this ones not for me.

CharlotteSamantha. OX




  • sally

    I agree with the volume shake mascara, it is really clumpy. I mean sure it delivered a LOT of volume but in a really horrible way!

    The Makeup Directory

  • Ana

    I have tried the same liquid lipstick in the shade Embellishment and it was soo drying on my lips! Really disappointing, I hope they change the formula xx

  • Gemma Etc.

    I’m not a fan of the Makeup Revolution Strobe highlighters either, their others are much better xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc. ❤️

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