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May Wishes

I feel like I have just blinked and this month has gone. Having two weeks off work made this past month go far too fast. I don’t know about you but I feel like this year is going faster than any year! I was talking to Alex about this the other day, we both agreed that when your little you feel like a year takes ages to go past but once you get older, it feels like you blink your eyes and the year is gone!

How did my April wishes go, I hear you all shout!! To be honest I feel like two out of three went pretty well. I wanted to concentrate on my fitness again which I have defintley achieved. This past month has taught me its all about balance. Its all about listening to your body and realising what it is your body is needing. I wake up some morning raring to go, gym gear on and I’m ready other mornings I wake up craving all the chocolate. The other that I feel I have ticked off is blogging more, I have really concentrated on the quality of my blog posts and I have honestly really enjoyed every part of it. One thing I have been totally obsessed with this past month is Instagram, if your not following me, head over to here now! The one thing I kinda failed at was my savings goals, although I did think about what I was buying. I spent more than I normally would. But your girls gotta treat herself sometimes, right? So what do I want to achieve in may…

  1. Focus on me. I want to dedicate at least one night a week to me. Spend the evening doing what I want, weather that be a pamper evening or even just going to bed early and reading the night away. I don’t have anything planned for these evening I just know they are what I want. I think this will help to keep me feeling good, sometimes a little bit of what you fancy is good.
  2. Organise. For those of you reading this that know me, may be thinking what the hell. You are the most organised. But lately I feel like I have been slipping out of my organisedness. Totally aware that was not a word. I have got my planner at the ready to be super organised this month. Fingers crossed and keep it updated.
  3. Read. This may tie in with the first one but I really want to start reading again. Reading really relaxes me and its something I love so when I lose my addiction to reading I find im super bored again. Leave any book suggestions below guys!


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  • Abi Street

    I can’t believe it is May already?? I literally don’t understand how! Two out of three goals is amazing girl, you should definitely give yourself credit for that!! Your goals sound lovely for May 🙂 x

    Abi | abistreetx

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