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Skincare is one of those things in my life that I absolutely love but to be honest, I am just so bloody lazy. I have this idea that I am going to be using all these amazing products, my skin is going to look like a babies bum. Obviously NOT literal. But when it comes to it, jumping into those freshly, washed sheets on a night is just so much more inviting than putting all the skincare bits I have bought. But after realising that taking those five minutes out before I eventually jump into my bed actually makes such a difference to my skin. And I am prepared to go to bed those five minutes later than normal.

I have been reading so many different blog posts trying to find some new skincare products that don’t cost me a mortgage. How can some companies charge like £70 for a moisturiser, that’s just crazy, I’d want it to do my washing for me if it costs that much! I had read a few posts and heard so much about The Ordinary by Deciem on Instragram. I knew I had to try at least one thing from them, but I didnt want to pay for postage for one item. BUT. I was walking through Fenwick when I saw a little stand with a few of their products on. It kinda felt like fate. I had to pick one up. I read through a few of them and finally decided to try out the Azelaic Acid. Azelaic acid is found in yeast which is produced naturally and lives on the skin, this helps to keep the skin looking bright, reducing the appearance of blemishes and evening out the skins texture. It is also an antioxident used to help keep the skin looking fresh and bright. This has a 10% concentrate of Azelaic Acid, which is in a lightweight gel consictency, this feels amazing on the skin. I have been using this for around two weeks now and can honestly say this has made a huge difference. I apply this am and pm before I put on my moisturiser, once I have applied it I can’t stop touching my face. It feels so soft! For £5.50 I recommend everybody to try this!

The other two products I picked up are from Superdrug and are from their Vitamin E. I am a huge fan of the body shop vitamin E range so was super excited to try these out. The first product I noticed was the refreshing toning mist, I am all about the toners so felt the need to get this. The first thing I have to mention about this is the scent, it smells like a holiday. I don’t know if that is just because of something I have personally used on holiday before or if others think it smells like holidays too. Let me know if you think the same. I use this every am and have really found it has helped to wake my skin up. I feel super refreshed after using it and the spray bottle helps to spread the product evenly around my face. I have found with a few toners I have used that they seem to take ages to dry on the skin. Where as I found with this one it sunk into the skin pretty quick. Which of course for someone who likes nice and easy skincare is a huge benefit. It also means that if you are traveling anywhere and wanting to take this with you, you don’t have to sit and count out your cotton wool pads. The vitamin E in this product is an antioxidant which helps to protect against environmental factors that can harm the skin.  This only costs £2.99, yes thats right. £2.99 how amazing is that. Superdrug also tend to normally have an offer on which is buy one get one free, or buy one get one half price so you can’t really say no. I would 100% recommend trying this out if you are looking for a cheaper toning product.

The other product that I picked up from the Vitamin E range is the Dual Phase Cleansing Oil, this has two layers to it which when shaken come together to make a gorgeous cleanser. This has the same scent as the toning mist and also contains vitamin E which helps to protect the skin. The oil helps to make removing make-up super easy, I apply this to my face after I have used makeup wipe to remove my makeup to make sure there is nothing left behind. It is super gentle on my skin and doesnt leave my skin feeling dry as other cleansing products have in the past. This is another £2.99 bargain product and a great drugstore cleansing product.

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