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What The F*/! Is Going On

I bet you wondering why the title is a little, lets just say out there for me. Well lets have a heart to heart.

Iv’e been writing on CharlotteSamantha for nearly 4 years now and I feel like I’ve got a little lost. I lose interest so easily because I am a) constantly comparing myself to others and b) not quite sure which direction to go in. And I’m done with it. Its about time we get things straight around here, that way you know what to expect and when to expect it.

When I first started writing my blog, I was at University, with next to no friends and a pretty straight routine. A lot has changed since then. I mean a LOT. Ive worked in 5 different jobs, moved out of my parents into mine and my fiancé first flat, then into another flat, then back in with my parents whilst we saved for a house. We have now saved for the house and we are moving in April/May next year, how blooming exciting. We have also got engaged and are planning our dream wedding all at the same time. Whilst CharlotteSamantha, sits here with the same old mixed vibe every week. Some weeks >nothing< at all.

I sometimes get stuck in a little rut of saving and not being able to buy all the new beauty must haves and being able to show you all the new things Ive bought. But recently Ive told myself its not all about the new things, we are such a throw away society, and as much as I want the new beauty releases I know I don’t need them. When the Urban Decay Heat palette launched I knew instantly I wanted it, I still do in fact. Instead I went through my eyeshadow draw and looked for colour which where in the palette that looked exactly the same as ones I already had. It didn’t take me to long to notice that actually, Ive pretty much got this palette but just not the actually one. From now on this is the out look I have when looking at new beauty buys. Do I have something similar? Yes- you don’t need it, why not write a post about how similar this one is.

In my head I imagine that with a new routine and blog rebrand Ill be able to actually stick to it and fully be happy with everything that I post. I can hear you all asking what the new plan is going to be. We are going to be posting 3 times a week, with the main focus going back to beauty. I feel like that’s what made me start  my blog so I need to stick to that. I want to move away from the more lifestyle post however you will be seeing them around every now and again. However, your going to be seeing a lot more beauty and maybe a little fashion every now and then. But just to keep you and me straight, just expect beauty.

Will there be a routine?

Yes. I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I just find these the best days for me. I get to write and photograph all weekend and have at least a weeks worth of post ready to go. That way I know Im not going to disappoint anyone, including me. If I do ever fall out of this then its for a reason, If I miss a post. Hi, yes I am human too. Lets just say expect beauty every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Some weeks you might get a few more posts, if Im really feeling it at the weekend there may be a post everyday. Who knows.

Whats going on right now?

On the 1st November my blog will be going down, you’ll no longer be able to see anything. Although if I am feeling daring enough you may get to see a little countdown. I will be relaunching on the 13th November, which you will see the new blog layout etc, although there may be a slight twist. This week will be a full blown Christmas Gift Guide week. Expect the best. I have been planning this for around two months now. >eeeek< I hope you are feeling as excited as I am!


CharlotteSamantha. OX




  • Marie

    Good luck with the relaunching ! I do agree with you I used to blog more back 3 years ago but me too my life changed a lot since then: I got engaged , I moved out from London for the countryside, I have now a 8 months baby girl etc. so I don’t have as much time as before but I still blog whenever I feel like it really.

  • Becky

    congrats on the engagement and soon to be wedding!

    when i first started beauty blogging around 4 or 6 years ago, my thoughts were the same with constantly feeling i had to buy new things! but yeah, it’s not always about the new things and new reviews, the everyday items need some tlc too. i rarely buy new things nowadays, and i still have tons of ideas in my head. it’s also nice to not have so much clutter, you know? i have a bag of makeup that i’m giving away to friends – i bought them just because i ~wanted to blog about it~ and now that i did, i actually have no use for them.

    becky @ star violet

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