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No7 Advent Calendar

There’s something that just gets me so excited about Christmas early and thats the Beauty advent calendars. I remember a few years back when the craze hit and there was a few odd ones out, Benefit seems to be the one that sticks in my mind as one of the first. It was such a unique thing that I just hadn’t seen before. Now, we see them starting to appear from August. Not only does this get me super excited but it also shows how much the beauty industry has risen in the past few years. I sit in awe looking at all the gorgeous calendars that are just way way out of my price range, however there are a few out this year which I think are definitely more in your every day girls price range. The boots No7 advent calendar being one. When the email landed in my inbox for this press release I actually screamed with excitement. No7 isn’t a brand that I buy into a lot but I have had a few bits over the years and always loved it. 

Boots have really nailed it this year. The colour theme is perfect.

A beautiful teal with a bold gold is certainly catching my eye, at only £40 you are getting around £169 worth of goodies inside which is just crazy. I know every year there is a craze with these and if I have ever been looking at getting it, it seems to be gone with a flash. I was so happy when this landed in my letter box, well saying that it was left with  neighbour cause your not going to get this box through the letter box. The calendar gives you a goodie for 25 days of December, that means you even get a little goodie on Christmas Day. It also allows you to take a little time out during the crazy holiday season so have a little me time. It may be to paint your nails, test out your new eye shadows or even give your skin a little TLC.

The goodies start from the beauty blender, to the Airbrush Away primer, Matte Lip Crayon and some limited edition nail polishes which I must say I am feeling pretty excited to use. They scream Christmas, and this calendar to be honest. I was sent a list of all the products included but I want to keep some of them a secret from you. Psst, I may have already opened all doors and I am already on the way to looking fabulous this Christmas.

The calendar was released on the 25th of October, it is already out of stock online but you can check your store here. And I will be sure to update you if there is a relaunch online over on my Instagram.

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