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Three 2020 favourites

As we hit the end of the third month of the year. And oh what a shitty year it has been. Who knew you could throw so much at a world in a matter of three months. But lets take these next five minutes to forget about the shittys and remember the positives as I show you three new favourites for 2020. 

A chat about my absolutely can not live without moisturiser must come first. And if you know an inch about me then you will know its a Charlotte Tilbury. How Id never tried this before now I will never know, I think the price tag put me off a little but after receiving it as a gift there is absolutely no chance Im going to live without this ever again. Sorry bank balance. The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is quite literally as it says on the tin, a magic cream. My skin changed so much after I started using this, think moisturised, smooth and glowing and you’ve pretty much got it. Oh and lets not forget how utterly stunning the packaging is. 

Another of my newest products this year and a skincare product – can you tell we are making all the efforts to restore my skin. The Ordinary Lactic Acid– don’t fret its not as scary as it sounds. This acid helps to gently exfoliate the skin whilst reducing any inflammation in the skin, inflammation has been a huge issue lately for me. Especially after last week I couldn’t stop eating anything sweet, Ive got back to the lactic acid and all the redness has calmed down. I use this each night and then use my facial roller which feels super cooling and relaxing. 

This last favourite is something that right now is being used every single day. The Neom Wellbeing Pod, when I received this as a gift for Christmas  I knew it was going to become part of my everyday routine. I use the Neom Sleep oil which really helps me relax. I usually use this as im getting into bed to read but the past week ive brought it down into the living room to help us chill out on an evening and its been really helping. I would really like to invest in some more of the Neom oils. 

Im looking forward to seeing how my favourites change over the coming months. 



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