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Summer Go To Glow

I’m a little late joining the party of summer essential post’s but I thought you know what. Bugger anyone who tells me I’m too late. This is called CharlotteSamantha at the end of the day, and that lady and gentlemen is me. Not anyone else. I’m writing this blog for myself. Enough of that shit and lets just get straight on with my go to products for that perfect summer glow, we know we all want. And if your like and aren’t jetting off to somewhere super hot [although France can sometimes get pretty hot, lets all keep out fingers crossed] we need to fake that summer glow. Who’s with me!

First things first, we gotta pretend we have been laying out in the sun for a good length of time. To make out body look super tanned, like the bronzed goddess you are, lets start with the fake tan. I have been loving using Skinny Tan*. I find this applies stunningly, I don’t tend to get any streak and the tan stays on for a good week. Or if where you are your getting some sun, up north it seems we are ready for the autumn. But when the sun has been making an appearance on the odd day, I have been using the Hawaiian Tropics Protective Dry Oil. This gives you a super bronzed look whilst also protecting you from the sun, there something about an oil that really helps to make your skin look bronzed. I also prefer the feel of a dry oil than a sun cream, I think sun creams can feel super sticky, Im not about that. For the face your gunna need something super bronzed. You wanna look like you’ve been travelling all the hot places, but lets not look dirty. My favourite product to look super bronzed is the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universal, its a mouth full but don’t you just love that name. I think cream products give a much more natural bronzed look, I usually apply this under my setting powder, so I can set it in place. It is a little more on the pricey side, but you know what sometimes you got throw your hands in the air and say I just don’t care. This product will last you forever, lets  just look past the use by date, we will be fine.

I love a good pink blush for the summer months, I think it adds to the glowing/bronzed skin. My favourite for this at the moment is my Charlotte Tilbury Blush in the shade Love is the Drug, there is just something perfect in this blush. The centre pink shade mixed with the outer paler shade creates an amazing glowing complexion. Of course where would I be without my Becca Champagne Pop highlighter, this is the perfect highlighter for the summer. It creates an amazing glow, which can be built for an extra look. Let me tell you a little secret, after shooting these photos I was carrying the rest of my props back upstairs and I only went and dropped both these products. I totally lost my Becca highlighter, managed to save my blush but lets say its a pretty crumbled mess. I cried, like the baby I am. It couldn’t have happened to anything else, these are my favourite products in my whole collection, goodbye Becca highlighter.

I do have a few skincare tricks I like to do in the summer, just to make sure I get that extra bit of hydration into my skin. First things first, I introduced a facial oil into my morning skincare routine. I use one every night anyway but I thought by adding one into my mourning routine, it would add that extra glow. I have been using the Antipodes Divine facial Oil, under my daily moisturiser and I am pretty sure this has been making my skin look super glowing once I have applied my makeup. I have also been using lots of vitamin C products, to make sure I have a super glowing complexion. My favourite serum is the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, this is full of vitamin C which helps to smooth out your skin making it look super healthy.

Whats your go to products for a glowing summer skin?


CharlotteSamantha. OX


Those products marked with a * have been gifted to me, but all opinions are my own.



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