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September Favourites

September seems to have been a crazy month. I blinked and it was here. I took a breath and it was over. I bloody love it when a month goes by, when you’ve got that feeling of accomplishment. Its not often I look back on a month and think, yes girl, you’ve got your shit together. You know what, this month I actually did do that. I bloody nailed it. And I’m not ashamed to admit that. Sometimes you’ve got to yourself a pat on the back and scream yeah!

Autumn brings out the inner burgundy lover in me. Everything and anything I can get my hands on will be burgundy, mustard or khaki. Give them all and Im your best pal. With this in mind I obviously pulled out my burgundy nail polish from Essie in the shade Bahama Mama, this is one of my >all< time favourite nail polishes for this time of year. Although I was browsing the Boots website a couple of days ago and it looks like there are some other beautiful burgundy shades available. You never know what may be in next months, perhaps a new polish. eek. Whilst we are on the subject of burgundy lets talk about the lipstick I’ve been wearing pretty  much all month. Non other than the Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry. The all time favourite for the Autumn. If you find a girl who loves Autumn and she has never even swatched this give her a little wobble from me.

My skin either hates me or I’m doing something really wrong.  Because my skin seems to have exploded with spots. I’m really NOT being dramatic here either. Im pretty sure Ive got milia, self diagnosed but I have lots of small white lumps which don’t squeeze but just stay there. They look awful and to be honest Im just not loving them. Ive been using the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion since the start of September and it is definitely helping with the bigger spottier spots. So much so I had to add it to my favourites. This little beauty is the best thing I have ever used on my bigger spots. Pop it on before you go to sleep and in the morning you will wake up with some much smaller spots, however they will be super dry. You want to get your hands on a good moisturiser if your going to be using this.

If your new here, and haven’t read my post on whats helped me get to sleep then who are you. Get yourself back to this post and give it a read. Sleepy has been in the news, by which I mean the blogging community news for a fair few months now, I was given a pot for my birthday at the end of August and have sworn by it ever since. If I ever get into bed and have forgotten to put it on I will actually get out of bed to put this on, which is saying something for me. I have been known to sleep with the light on all night because your girl aint going to get of bed to turn that off. If your having trouble sleeping or just flipping love smelly great get yourself a pot and I promise you will love it.

My hair is something I seem to leave. I despise doing my hair, although love all the pretty things people seem to be able to do with their hair. My hair is super thick, I pop some curls in and five minutes later they’ve dropped out and it just looks like Ive had a bad morning and no time to do my hair. Your girl hates this shit. I asked for the Ouai texturing hair spray for my birthday, I was going to spend £22 of my hard earned money on this cause what if it didn’t work. I can now confirm I for sure would spend £22 of my hard earned money on this. This little bottle has transformed my hair. I am now the owner of textured hair, something I’ve never been able to achieve before. I have been some sea salt sprays in my time.

CharlotteSamantha. OX




  • The Jade Files

    Ooh Essie Bahama Mama is such a classic shade- I love it.
    Jade xo

    • charlotte samantha

      Its perfect for this time of year isn’t it! ox

  • Oh I love sleepy too! I love doing the Twilight bath bomb mixed with a little twilight shower gel then after I get out use Sleepy. Best sleep ever! I have to agree with you my skin has been freaking out too lately 🙁 I’ll have to give the drying lotion a go. Lovely photo set up you have!

    A Beauty and The Business

    • charlotte samantha

      I love the twilight bath bomb but Ive never had the shower gel, I’ll have to try it out ox

  • Carolina

    That lippie is perfect for this season! xx

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

    • charlotte samantha

      I know right! ox

  • Abigail Alice

    The Mario Badescu drying lotion absolutely saved my skin during summer when I had to use a lot of sun lotion and was breaking out because of it. Gorgeous lippie colour, I’ll check that one out!

    Abigail Alice x

    • charlotte samantha

      Its helping my skin out too, although at the moment my skin is so dry that Im having to use a super hydrating moisturiser ox

  • Sophie Harrison

    Aaaah Glastonberry… i’ve switched it in the store, does that count? 😛 I keep seeing it and am so tempted, i just don’t feel i have the confidence to wear it! I have the “very victoria” and the formula for CT is amazing, by far the best lipstick i’ve ever owned as it’s not too dry. Do you have any other CT makeup?

    I also really want to try Sleepy and you may have tipped me over the edge… Lush is my spirit home!

    Bumble & Be

    • charlotte samantha

      I’ll let you off, at least you have tried it. The formula is amazing ox

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