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Love or Hate

There are so many products out there, I think sometimes we feel so under pressure to like them all. Especially those that are seriously hyped over. But sometimes we aren’t all going to like the same things. Our skin is different, our bodies are different and we all want to look different. Imagine if we were all the same, to be honest I find that pretty terrifying. Don’t you? I was sitting thinking about fun little series that I could do monthly on my blog and I came up with the idea of Love or Hate. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be beauty every time, there may be a hyped up food, book or even tv program that I wanna let you know about. We will just see as the months go on. This one however, is a beauty related Love of Hate. 

The Balm Mary Lou Manager highlighter is first up. I love and hate this at the same time. I seem to go through so many phases where I’m all about it, then others I could throw it out the window and wouldn’t miss it. No, who am I kidding I could never throw my make-up out the window. I feel bad for saying that now. But yeah. Sometimes I find this just the right amount of highlight, to pick me up on those really dull days. But sometimes I feel like I need to wash all my make-up off and start again because it has gone so chunky. Or I feel like it is so pale for my skin that you can’t see it, I’m pretty pale you see. Although I know I wouldn’t want a darker shade, it just kinda blends in with the rest of my foundation which isn’t the best. Ok, so I’d probably give this a 4/5 because I do love this somtimes but you know can’t give her the full treatment cause sometimes we just don’t get on.

Too Faced Born This Way foundation, I have mine in the shade Natural Beige, so this is fully on the hate scale. I was so excited when I got this foundation, I had heard so many good reviews. I love a full coverage foundation, which this definitley is but the oxidisation is for real. I can apply this and the shade is perfect for my skin tone then when I’m about to set all my makeup in place, BAM. Im like an orange sitting in the fruit bowl. This stuff is crazy. So the first few times I sorted out the isshh, but then it seemed to go super caked through out the day. Im just not loving you. Im sorry.  See how bad I feel when I tell my make-up I don’t like them, its such a sad world. Im trying my hardest to get through this but I just don’t find myself reaching for it. And at the moment whilst Im saving for a house and only have two foundations in my draw that s pretty crazy. Id rather buy a new one or go without foundation than use this little fella. 1/5 for you I am afraid. Sorry!

Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat Neutalizer, I want to love this but Im just a bit meh with it. I love the packaging, the application but I just don’t feel like the product does anything. Like I wouldn’t say I have any reason to hate it but I don’t have any reason to love it either. Don’t get me wrong it blends in amazingly, but it doesn’t really do untying for my skin. Maybe if there is a lighter one I can try it may work better but to be honest I don’t tend to reach for it because it doesn’t do anything. I will use this up, but won’t be repurchasing. 3/5, cause I kinda wanna love ya but just don’t.

If you have tried any of these product, let me know what you think maybe I am doing something wrong!

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