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If you read my 2016 goals post you will know I wanted to make an effort to take more time out for myself this year. Do the things that I love and share it with people who care. So far I have to say its working and its working pretty well. The few things I have changed already is cutting down my hours at work, I love my job and what I do but sometimes I just didn’t have enough time to do the others things that I love. So now I work fewer hours and have more time for me. The other thing that I am doing which I am loving is going to the gym, I go with Alex and we try to go at least 5 times a week and sometimes more. I never ever thought I would get to the stage when I said I love going to the gym. But there is just something about the satisfaction I get out of being there, getting home and seeing changes in body that I never knew I could achieve. Yes it hurts, especially the first few times you go. No, it doesn’t just change over night but keep at it and soon you will notice a difference. With these few points in mind I have decided to make a new little series over at CharlotteSamantha all about how to love yourself. How to make those little changes in life that really make you who you are. That doesn’t mean you go and throw out all the chocolate or go into work tomorrow and tell them you quit. Because something we do need, the odd treat and of course we have to earn the money to be able to live, to be able to live the life you love. Which is the most important part. I’m not saying that everyday since the 1st of January I have woke up thinking yes I love this life but I also havent been so down with myself that I have given up and that is the difference between the start of this year so far and the start of the last. Once a week there will be a post all about small changes, it may be a smoothie recipe or an update on feelings, or other little things that have made me feel good an I hope that I can share with you too. Even if you don’t take anything out of this, I get to look back at the end of the year and see just how much I have changed and how much better I feel from it. Join along on my journey, I will be posting on twitter and instagram everyday, little bits of motivation and my journey.

I just wanted to add a little bit in at the end to share where I got my motivation from. Apart from ending 2015 feeling down with myself, miserable and stuck in a rut, I watched MarissaLace Year Of You video and just knew I wanted to do something with my year where I could finish it and feel good. Think WOW I really can do what I want to achieve.


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