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Trying to hit the curb with all the sugar is so hard for me, I was having a little look around the interenet at things that I could eat that would fight the sugar cravings without being super un-healthy. I am a chocolate lover and tend to go for anything covered in chocolate, its healthy to eat any type of fruit covered in chocolate right? Okay maybe not but there is Rawr Chocolate that isnt as bad as normal chocolate but still tastes amazing.

So I can hear you all shouting, how on earth is this healthier than normal chocolate, so I did a little bit of research. Rawr Chocolate Company sun dry the cocoa rather than applying a heat treatment. They also only add minimal extra ingredients to make sure it doesnt take away from the minimalist chocolate. As its dark chocolate and in its purest form this make the sweet treat that little bit better for you. Another thing I loved about Rawr chocolate is the different flavors they have to offer. From Orange, Vanialla, Mint and so many more make’s it amazing. The only down side of this is after one small square you will be left wanting more and more and more!






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