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Favourites // November Edit

november-favouritesWe have entered the December which means it is not socially acceptable to talk everything and anything Christmas. If I can make something about Christmas I am going to do it. Before we get onto that though lets look at the past month and have a little chit chat about the things I have been loving. Not going to lie to you before we start there may be a few Christmas goodies thrown in. I started planning early okay! 



As always lets start off with the beauty items I have been reaching for pretty much everyday. For base I have been using this Cover Girl Outlast foundation, which you can actually get from Amazon. When I bought this in New York I kind of just put it to the back of my draw thinking it wouldn’t be that great. I started using it one day and fell in love, it’s actually so good that I don’t have to wear a concealer when I use this foundation. It applies smoothly and literally doesnt budge throughout the day. Next is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, I use to hate this. I thought it was so oily on my skin but when once you apply your eyeshadow over the top it sets in place and doesn’t move one bit. I now don’t put eyeshadow on unless I have this on underneath! There has been two eyeshadow that I was reaching for I would say 1/3 of November. Then to the back-end I was reaching more for the sparkles but they will come with time. The first that I have been using is the Lord and Berry Seta eyeshadow in the shade Bronze Passion. This colour is just amazing as an all over the lid shade, these shadows are super soft and bendable which makes them so easy to work with. I was then using this Milani shadow in the shade Bella Chiffon, which is perfect for the inner corner.


Thats all on the beauty front, but there has been way more on the other side of things this past month. Lets kick things off with the book I have been loving. Snowed in For Christmas by Claire Sandy which is just such a lovely book to read over the festive period. I love the way its written, it really plays on your heart strings and for makes me realise the things I have a lot more. I have also been really getting into finding out what your dreams mean, believe this stuff or not I think it is super interesting. This book by Lizzie Cornwall has an explanation for almost all the dreams you can think of, its really put some things into perspective for me! If you know me at all when I am reading, I have to have a candle on. Its the law isnt it? I have been burning this n.3 Amber and Vanilla candle lately, not only does it smell amazing but the light it gives off from the orange container is beautiful. Chocolate wise im all about the Terrys Chocolate orange, I know its a little on the early side but hey!!!! Why only celebrate the wonders of a Terrys chocolate Orange in December. Honestly, I think it should be an all year long thing. Shall we start a petition?


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