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If you read my recent post about the Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume, your going to love this one. Accessorize has brought out this amazing new fragrance. The bottle is to die for and the scent is something else. The fragrance is called Love Lily, which I think is a cute name, especially once you’ve seen the bottle. Keep on reading to see what this little beauty smells like.


Lets talk aesthetics. Have you seen that bottle lid?! The lily inside is to die for, its beautiful. This one will be getting put straight on my dressing table for everyone to see. I love that is has the pink tube coming down into the bottle rather than your bog standard plain one, I think it ties the whole perfume together. I would say the scent is sweet but also a little on the musky side, it has notes of raspberry, orange, jasmine and sweet vanilla. If you know me, you will know that one of my favourite scents is vanilla so perhaps that’s why I’m loving this so much. The other thing I love about this perfume is that it is only £19  for 75ml, that is incredible! It’s probably not the best one to keep in your handbag but for sure an amazing design to take pride of place on your dressing table!

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