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Being the beauty junkie I am it probably comes as a surprise that I have never worn false lashes, well I hadn’t before I did the research for this post. I call it research because that’s what it was. I got my hands on some Threads lashes which are available here and went to town on getting to grips with them. I thought it would be a good idea to post my experience with them and the little tips I learnt from my experience. Because lets just say it was quiet the experience, and I’m still no expert at the subject. I opened the package when I first got them in the post and thought nah, and put them straight in my draw with the other few pairs I had bought in the hope to becoming one of those beautiful girls with the long fluttering (fake) lashes. Then I decided that enough was enough, I had to pluck up the courage to get the lashes back out and fight my way to victory. Maybe not fight, but it was pretty tough going with the glue. A few fingers stuck together, lashes stuck on tweezers but we got there in the end. Sort of. Oh and one last thing, I am no expert (obviously) this is my take on what the crazy beauty genesis do that I have watched on YouTube. 

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  1. Take the lashes off the card/remove from packaging. By this point I had my eye make-up done, liner and all.
  2. I got a hold of the lashes in my tweezers, held it up to my eye to see if I needed to trim any of the lashes. It looked like a perfect fit to me,( btw I was wrong, keep reading)
  3. I then undone the top of the glue, with my teeth because I had a hold of the tweezers in one hand so didn’t have two free. I wouldn’t recommend that, it got in my mouth a little, didn’t taste great.
  4. I then popped glue on the lash strip, is it called a strip I don’t know. The thing that keeps the little lashes all together.
  5. I closed my eye, then realised I couldn’t see and tried to glue the lashes as close to the lash line as possible.
  6. I pushed up with the tweezers at each corner.
  7. When I pushed one side in the other moved, then pushed that side back and the other side moved out to. Brilliant!
  8. So I went in with my fingers and pushed them both in.
  9. It looked amazing. NOT. I blinked a couple of times and could really feel the corner of the lashes sticking in my eye.
  10. I thought this must just be how they feel, you get use to it.
  11. No, that’s why people cut them right?
  12. Off this one came and I snipped a tiny little bit off the side.
  13. Repeated with my amazing technique and all was well. I did the same with the other eye and tbh I was pretty pleased with myself.
  14. They looked even and didn’t look like a child had stuck them on.

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I was pretty happy with how they looked for my first try. The one thing I would say it make sure you get as close to your natural lash line as possible. As you can see in some of my photo the lash strip isn’t quite as close as it possibly could be. But it still looked okay when I didn’t have my eyes shut. I wore them for the day to see how long they lasted. It felt very strange, super heavy and honestly I felt like I needed to close my eyes. I soldiered through and eventually got use to it. Then it came to taking them off, it felt amazing. I loved the feeling of peeling them of my eyes, gross I know but honestly it felt so good. One thing I would say is make sure you have some good eye make-up remover as the glue is a nightmare. I scrubbed at my eyes until eventually they where so red I had to stop. I woke up the next day with glue still on my lids so had to scrub a little more until it was eventually off.

All in all I will probably use false lashes again, although I’ll never be one of those girls who wears them everyday. I honestly don’t think I have patients for that but when I come to an event etc I will pop some on. Just for the fun I suppose! What are your experiences with false lashes? Let me know your horror stories below!


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  • Natasha Todd

    I have been dying to try thread lashes for so long, glad to hear you think they are good! I could never wear them everyday either though I get way too frustrated when I don’t get them perfect haha! Tash xx

    • Charlotte Samantha

      They where really nice to apply, I know I was like why is this not working! ox

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