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Beauty // Lord and Berry Seta*


You know me, when it comes to eye shadows I just cant say no! So when I was asked if I would like to try out the Lord and Berry Seta eye shadow I didn’t refuse. When they where dropped through my letter box I was super excited. They claim to be a soft shadow for a silk effect on the eyes and are easily blended on the skin. Now it’s my turn to test that out.

lord-and-berry-seta-review lord-and-berry-seta-review-4

The four shades I got are Matrix (4593) which is a true black shade, Bronze Passion (4580) a brown shade with a copper finish to it. I also got Denim (4556) true to it’s name is a pale denim blue and lastly Green Fairy ( 4587) which is a gorgeous pale green colour. All four shade have glitter running through it which I think makes the shadows. Although can sometimes make the shades seem a little chalky and applies a little patchy to the eye, I found this especially in the darker shades. Although with the magical word blend, it can all be fixed. Does anyone else just love that word blend, it makes me feel like things are going super smooth, ahh. These shades cost £12 which to be honest I don’t think is too bad, I would recommend testing them before purchasing just incase they are a little chalky on the skin.

lord-and-berry-seta-review-6I wore the green and brown shade on the weekend and found that the shadows did last all day on the lids, I did get a slight bit of fall out when applying the shadows but because they are such a soft consistency I found that my brush picked up a lot of product when swiping along the shadow. It was no surprise really. They do stay true to their claim that the shadow is soft and are definitely easily blendable! I would definitely try some more of the shades out in these shadows as I felt they applied nicely and I love the glitter effect that runs through the shades.


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