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Hiya guys,
 so I showed you my morning routine a few weeks ago and have been meaning to do a night time routine to go with it for  while but it has been changing so much with different products I have been buying but I have eventually managed to stick to some products. Just to let you all know i have combination/oily skin just so you can compare with your skin care routine.
I have picked the products that I use on a daily basis and those that I use maybe 2/3 times a week to treat my skin. To start ill show you the things I use on a regular basis.
So to start with I take the L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Micellar Solution which can be picked up from most beauty stores such as boots and superdrug, it is normally around the £4 mark but it is often on offers so you will be able to pick it up cheaper! I take this on a cotton pad and firstly remove my eye make-up, I find that this micellar water is perfect for eye make-up. Loreal do have a eye make-up remover in the range but I find it too oily for my skin so just use the normal one. I will then remove my make-up with this making sure there is non left on my face. Of course like all of us I do sometimes have a lazy day and use a make-up wipe but that’s ONLY when ive had a bad day. When I do this I usually use the Simple Kind To Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes, just because I find they are gentle on my skin.
My next step it to cleanse my face and recently I have been loving using the Soap & Glory™ Peaches and Clean™ 3-in-1 Wash-off Deep Purifying Cleanser. This is £8 but Soap and Glory normally have a 3 for 2 offer on so you will be able to stock up on other soap and glory favourites! This cleanser smells amazing! Its peachy and fresh at the same time. I will rub this into my face and then rinse of using a face cloth making sure I get any remains of make-up or grime off my face.
The last thing I use on a normal night time face routine is my Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser™ – Normal/Combination, this is my favourite moisturiser as it doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy but keeps my skin feeling hydrated. This is a bit more expensive than my other products used but I feel it is well worth it, it is normally around the £20 mark.


Next, these are the products that i will use maybe 2/3 times a week to treat my skin and keep it feeling refreshed.
Firstly I will talk about the Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator, I always like to have an exfoliator to hand to get rid of any dead skin on my face and to keep my skin feeling healthy. I find the Sanctuary Spa exfoliator particulary good as I don’t feel like the beads are too harsh on my face. I would just squeeze a pea size amount into my hand and rub it into my tea-zone and then rinse. This is around the £10 mark but lasts so long so is well worth the money.
I also like to use the N-Spa 5 Minute Magic Mask Exfoliate, this is another exfoliator which I like to use but in a mask form. I like to use both once a week as I feel the mask gets into my pores and get the dirt away but the Sanctuary spa gets rid of the dead skin on my face. I love the smell of this mask and will get some in my hand and it rub it into my face after i have cleansed my face. Put on my favourite music set my phone timer to 5 minutes, lay back and let the products do its magic! This is a cheaper exfoliator around the £5 mark, although you don’t get as much product as others you may find.
The third thing in this photo is Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream, which I will ALWAYS have in my room. It is the best thing I have found to get rid of spots and blemishes and it is cheap! Winwin situation here guys! So with this I will put a layer on the blemishes and just go to bed, in the morning you will find the redness to have faded and spot to have reduced in size. Everybodys happy!
The last few things I have to talk about it N-Spa Deep Hydrating Facial Oil Treat, although I have combination/oily skin to begin with I find that every now and again adding a little bit of oil to my face can help keeping my skin looking radiant. This is around the £7 mark but I always find the n-spa products to be on offer. With this I will just squeeze a droplet into the palm of my hands and rub together to get the oil warm and then just pat it into my skin. I would usually do this before putting on my moisturiser but always leave it about 10 mins between to make sure the oil is absorbed into my skin.
The last thing I have to talk about is this Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Anti Stress Peel Off Masque, which you can usually pick for around a £1. I find these masks easy to apply and they leave my skin feeling soothing and soft. I would apply the mask after I have cleansed my face.
So that’s my night time face routine at the minute, however in a few weeks i will probably have another one to write as i am forever changing the products i use.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!




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