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Hi my lovelies,

Today im going to let all you beauty addicts know about how I tend to my face first thing on a morning. I am not a morning person what so ever, so I do most my face care on a night time when I can be bothered to look after my skin. This is why I don’t have many products in this post however the ones I do have I absolutely love and will definitely be purchasing again and again! 

Soo this is where i carry out all my skin care things, its in the corner of my room which i absolutely love!
To start i take my Liz Earle cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser to cleanse my face and take off any dirt that has clung to my face overnight. I have been using this cleanser for years now and wouldn’t use any other. It is full of natural ingredients such as Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa Butter and Euclayptus oil. It leaves my face feeling super smooth and I absolutely love it!!
As you can see by the picture the texture is soso smooth, I splash my face with warm water then take about a pump and a half of the product and rub it in circular motions around my face. Then i take one of my face clothes, yes i am a sucker for a Disney face cloth, who isn’t?! and slowly rub off the cleanser making sure i don’t rub too hard on my skin and pat dry my face till dry.
I then use a hand sanitiser before applying anything else to my face so i don’t add any dirt to my cleansed face. This is a bath a body work hand sanitiser in pink party which has a very fun, floral smell.
I apply some of the Benefit Moisture prep toning lotion to help tone my face ready for putting on my make-up. This is a sample bottle which i got for Christmas will definitely
be purchasing the big bottle of this as it helps to keep my skin nice and smooth.
The moisturiser im using at the minute is the Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser which is just a lovely light moisturiser which helps to keep my skin from becoming too dry. I love this as sometimes i can get dry skin in the winter months and this keeps my skin nice and hydrated without being too thick for when i am applying my make-up.
Next for me is too put on my make-up which changes from day to day depending on what look i am looking to achieve.
So yeah that’s that guys. I go for a simple skin care routine on a morning as i am not someone you want to cross on a morning so need to keep things simple!Cya



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