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Hiya guys, so today i thought id let you all into a little secret of how i keep my hair.
It has took me a long time to find what is right for my hair but i have finally found products which keep my hair in a good condition. I haven’t included my shampoo and conditioner as I  change this quite regularly at the minute i am using a mark hill shampoo and a argon oil hair mask as conditioner from the pound shop. 
Just so you all know i have medium/long hair which is relatively thick. 
So here are all the products i use once i have washed my hair. 
So the first thing i would normally use is a Argan Oil product, I find this keeps my hair fully hydrated and also keeps the oils in my hair that are necessary. This particular one which I am using at the moment is Argan Gold Hair Vitality Oil, I bought this from Asda and it is only £4 which is a reasonable price for this product. To use this I would just rub one pump into the palms of my hands and rub it into my hair evenly, I normally try to stay away from my roots as I find it makes them look a little bit greasy. Which of course NOBODY wants! I then use this VO5 Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Cream 100ml to get rid of the awful frizz I get on the bottom of my hair and the hair which hangs round my face. I would do pretty much the same steps as I took with the Argan Oil rubbing it into my palms and then spread evenly, however this time you can rub this into your roots as it doesn’t leave an oily unwanted look. To make sure this is fully absorbed into my hair I take my paddle brush and brush through my hair root to tips.

 Once its time to blow dry my hair I like to protect my hair from the heat but also add some texture to it at the same time. To start with I put on the VO5 Volume Boost Gel Spray 200ml. This gives me hair  bit more of a texture and volume whilst blow drying my hair. To do this I take sections of my hair and spray it onto my roots and brush it through before moving onto the next section. To add protection from the heat and keep my hair hydrated whilst blow drying I use the Gum Re-Hob Milk, I couldn’t actually find a link for this online but im pretty sure you can get this in places such as Home Bargains or BnM Bargains. I spray this onto sections of my hair before I blow dry and half way through blow drying just to give my hair hydration.

Once my hair is dry it is time to style, whether I am straightening, curling or doing an up do I will always add some of the VO5 Smoothly Does It Tame and Shine Spray 100ml, this gives my hair a shine that lasts until I next wash my hair. To use this I spray it either onto my hair If I am straightening or onto a brush and brush through my hair if I am doing anything else.

Lastly, I promise this is the last thing I use on my hair. I will either use this Gum Dazzler which is a serum for the hair which also creates a shine or the Trevor Sorbie beautifully Straightened which I got in a chritstmas gift pack so unfortunately cant find a link for this. But anyway, it just acts very much the same thing but as this is a pump serum I prefer to use this with straight hair as it is easy to apply and use the other one when I have done anything else as it is a spray bottle.
So that’s what I do with my hair my lovelies! Leave comments down below on your favourite hair products!



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