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Keeping Your Home Safe

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You all should know by now, Im saving for my own house. I talk about it enough. Well moan more likely.

I am forever, pinning all these beautiful rooms I aspire to have my home look like. But I never really think about the safety element of my home. Obviously, well I’m hoping the doors are going to lock. basic of a house right? But for any of you a little more like me who worry about their belongings in the home. Ive decided that top of the list once I get my home is to get myself one of these Panasonic Motion Sensors.

Since I will have spent so much time saving up for my house and worked super hard to save the money for my house. I decided I need to protect it. And I aint going to be standing by the door with my baseball bat at all times. Thats just for when I’m really scared. I am only kidding. But seriously maybe it is.

The panasonic motion sensor, senses movement inside your house. Obviously your going to want to let it know when your in cause your not an intruder inside your own home. But for those uninvited guests you just switch this on, and when those little bastards come inside it send a notification to your phone or tablet that there’s somebody inside YOUR home. Why should they be there. Have they worked hard, not bought that makeup palette you’ve been wanting forever to save up for this. Lets get them little shits out and keep them out for good. Obviously aswell as setting off an alarm which will give them the shock of their lives and have them running like they never have before.

One of the things I like most about this is some of the extras you can get, for instance you can set it to turn on a light when it sensors somebody coming down the stairs. This may not only be used for those little bastards but for when you come in drunk and need the light on before you break your leg going up the stairs. Only joking, your girl down drink. But one thing I do is get up about three times during the night to get a huuuge glass of water. You wanna ask how many of those glasses of water have ended up down me. Lets just say Ive had to change my pjs a few times.

You wanna know the best thing about this. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Cause this little beauty is only £34.99. Yes I havent missed a 0 off the end. Amazing right!


CharlotteSamantha. OX




  • Lauren

    This sounds really cool, I could do with it for my new flat!

    Lauren x Huggled

  • Steph

    I grew up in South Africa. I imagine the protective barriers we all have up around our homes is nothing compared to the rest of the world.

    We have electric fences, high walls, sometimes several locks on your doors, beams in the garden and our homes and alarms. The funny thing is, I’ve just realised how much that all is- and it’s standard.


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