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The Real July Favourites

It feels like forever that Ive really sat and thought about what I have been loving the pervious month but this month I thought Im going to give this shit ago.

And you know what. The list was pretty fucking long.

It turns out July was a pretty crazy month for me, work was absolutely hectic. My personal life was, well lets say it was pretty draining but maybe you’ll hear more about that in a few months. Ive got to keep a few things a little private. And theres nothing really to say about my blog because it was as it usually is ABANDONED.

But my face has never loved me more and of course Ive been stuffing my face with all the naughty food because why the bloody hell not. You only live once. Although I think my little brain is taking a turn for the worse as I feed my body all the fats. And I’m not taking ‘healthy ‘ fats like avocado. Although lets take that back a moment cause your gal had avocado for the first time the other day and she is all about it.

My little chubby cheeks have been all about the Keihls Ultra Facial Cleanser that I totally bought on a whim because it was the cheapest one on Space Nk. But seriously this little gem has ( I think) helped to clear my skin up mahoosilvly (massively). I use it on a morning to get all of the night shit off my face and I use it on a night to take off the days muck. AKA makeup, sweat, bitta mud here and there. Its super simple and sensative on your skin with next to no scent but thats what Im here for.

Whilst we are on the topic of clean and that kinda shizzam. Whilst in the shower, I know you now have the nicest image of me, but let me tell ya. Me in the shower is not sexy, we are talking legs up on the sides of the shower to get those hairs you didnt even know was there until you caught one in the car door. The faces I pull when the water gets in my face is oh gosh not sexy. But what is sexy is the Andrew Barton No Weight Hydrate shampoo. Now if your gunna try this don’t do what I did when I first used it and squeeze the bottle super hard and wonder why you are only getting water out of the product. That water that you squeezing all over the shower floor is actually the product and your not going to realise that until you throw the bottle on the floor step on the ‘water’ to get the £1 shampoo from the pound shop and you slip right on your bloody arse cause that ‘water’ is actually pretty fucking slippery. Yeah. Thats the product. My new technique is to squeeze the bottle over your head and then get rubbing. Get rubbing so that the ‘ water’ turns into soap and you get the cleanest hair you’ve ever had.

And when I’m not squeaky clean which is probably 95% of the time. If you would like to meet me when squeaky clean please see me immediately after a shower. Lets break it down a little more, so we’ve got 5% squeaky clean, 60% I’m gunna be scaring you with my no make up face and the other 35% of the time Ill be embracing you with my new love. The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation which was my enemy when we first met. We just didn’t get on, she really saw the patchy, spotty side of me which I just wasn’t about. But then we met with a brush and my life was changed we are now BFF. And thats no joke. So don’t be laughing now. We are like a match made in heaven. She gets me in all the right places, those dark circles she has you covered, those volcanic eruptions that show up on your face, she’s got ya. You can really tell her your real deep issues and shell be there holding you up strong. And when I wanna own the world, walk with my head held high and look as if Ive got my shit together and not just say for an hour crying cause I’ve ripped my tyre. I pop on Macs Velvet Teddy, act as if Im a velvety teddy and nobody can touch me. And you know what I feel stronger than ever, my pout is on point and I’m feeling on top of the world. That is until I think I’m totally insta worthy grab myself a cold brew drink said cold brew, continue to walk round with my held high. Until I go to the grubby bus station toilets, look in the mirror thinking hey sexy and actually whats looking back at me is somebody who hasn’t got their shit together and who’s lipstick is half off half on. And realise that that brown mark is in fact not turd smeared on the mirror but is velvet teddy smudged from my lips up to my nose. And I think shit velvet teddy you gotta get my back more. But when thats not happening I Vevet Teddy is up there, hands down my gal.

Now Aldi.

What have I got to say about you. Why am I mentioning Aldi in my monthly favourites because why the hell not. They smash it with their special buys weekly. And July grazed us with their best candles yet. For the gals who’s purse just doesn’t quite stretch to the real diptyque (shit thats a hard word to spell) candles then Aldi is coming through for you. With there giant ass white and black candles. My fav has to be Fig but Wood Fire is still killing it. £8 these beauts cost me and you know what else makes them super fun! You can buy them on your weekly shop. Your sister has your back gal. When your browsing the Aldi super six just be thinking about that candle that your about to buy. Yasssss queen.

Hands down the longest post I have ever written, and it felt good to type what I wanted. Rather than sticking to this product smells great, looks great, is great, just great. I said real words, I said words from my heart. And if you didnt like in the nicest way possible fuck off. but if you found it a little more real than these over edited posts that use to be round stick around cause Im gunna be throwing a lot more real towards you soon.

Chow bella.
Love ya sister.




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