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Summer Pamper

Do you ever feel the need to take some time our for yourself? Or know you should but never get round to it? The latter sounds more like me. Although sometimes I do manage to take the time out and allow myself time to pamper. I think this is something we should all try and do, even if your not a pamper kinda gal. Just take some time out for you. Even if that means you take yourself for a walk, read a book or even just take a nap. We all know how good we can feel after a nap, ( although sometimes I feel like shit once I wake up). 

Set The Mood 

First things first, if your like me then your going to need to light a candle or two. I have been loving my Bath and Body works Warm Vanilla Sugar candle recently, which smells similar to the M&S Vanilla Bean Candle. I suppose this kinda just sets the mood, makes the room smell amazing and lets face it who doesn’t love a good candle. I also run myself a nice hot bath, I have been using the Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Honey Bath. This stuff makes me feel so dreamy. There is something about it that feels so luxurious. I’m going to be honest with you, this is not something I use every week, more of a product that I keep when Im really feeling like a good bath. And how cute that you get a little honey spoon to put it in the bath. Honey spoon, is that a thing? You know that little thing I’m talking about right? When Im in the bath I like to either put on some good music or read a good book.

Bath Time 

I like to use all the products when I get in the bath. I would have normally popped on a hair mask while my baths running, just so that my hair feels amazing too. I like to exfoliate my skin, which to be honest I haven’t found one that I am in love with yet, so hit me with some ideas if you have some. I have also been using this Botanics Microdermabrasion polish to exfoliate my skin. I have review on this here, so if you want more detail you can head over there. If you want brief, here we go. Simply, this is small bead exfoliate, great for sensitive skin with some amazing plant extracts in. This leaves  my skin ready for face masks once I am out the bath. Once my normal bath routine is finished – hair washed, body washed.

The Rest 

Once I’m out the bath I like to prep my skin for the week.  Since my skin is nice and smooth from the brand new exfoliator your all going to tell me about, I like to add a little bit of a bronzed look to my skin. AKA self tan. Because August in the Uk this year has been pretty shit. To be honest, its felt more like November than August. But thats what happens when you live here, we kinda take advantage of the sun when its here then moan as soon as it hides behind the clouds. Ive been using for a few months now and I am totally in love. It applies effortlessly, and leaves the nicest smooth tan. No orange in sight. Once this has totally sunk in (8hours later) And you have managed to shower it off. I like to apply a supper thick moisturiser, I just find this helps to keep my tan locked in. Then it doesn’t budge for about a week, then its time to start again. While you wait for your tan to develop its time to get into some comfies and kick back.

The Face 

This is my favourite part. I like to multi-mask. It is very rare that my whole face is craving the same thing. I tend to have a pretty oily and congested T zone whilst the rest of my face is pretty normal/dry. Its a  great combination let me tell you. I have been using the Glam Glow Mud mask since Christmas, I tend to mix between a few mask for my congested skin. But this one is great at keeping those bigger blemishes at bay and fighting the black heads. For the more drier areas of my skin I have been loving using the Nuxe Creme Fraiche Moisturising Mask, this leaves my skin feeling super soft. Once this is all done, I tend to lie back and relax for as long as I can before the dog barks, or Alex ask what is for tea. Theres usually something that brings me back to reality.

I think it is so important to take some time out for you. One day you may not be able to anymore. Whats your favourite thing to do to chill?

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