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Silly George, Eye TLC

Although I call myself someone who loves beauty I am a total newb when it comes to fake lashes. 

Not to blow my own horn but I have pretty long lashes as it it and although I could definitely do with the extra added I struggle to actually add the lashes to my own. Im a little scared of the glue in the eye area- I will every so often try them out. With shaky hands and all.When Silly George got in touch with me an asked if I wanted to try out some of their products I was obviously screaming yes.

The first item I went for was the Eyelash serum. If someone tells you you can buy something thats going to help your eyelashes look super long and full of volume your obviously going to go for it.

Ive been using this every night before I go to bed for the past month and I really can say that Ive noticed a difference. They not only look much longer than they usually do but.BUT they also feel super thick. My main question when I started using this was will it help when I use mascara or will it just look the same.

I got the answer for you!
 It works. My mascara is a dream to put on. No more 47587 layers of mascara, ten swipes and we are good to head out for the door! I am honestly so in love with this product.

Lets chat the magnetic eyelashes.
 Now, lets just say we got a love hate thing going on here.

As in I love the look of these once they are on but im not going to lie to you. They are the hardest bloody things to put on, ever! But you bet once you got them on they look great. The idea is that there is no glue in sight. Which yes I am here for. But let me explain to you exactly how these lashes go onto your eyes. Remember we are talking your eye area here.

So you got two lash strips to each eye, yes you can imagine the volume this gives. One lash strip has magnets on the top and the other at the bottom and the idea is that when you place one on top of your lashes and the other on the bottom they snap together an voila. Your good to go. But thats not whats been happening, I get one lash strip in place and then as soon as I go to put the other lash strip on and BAM it snaps shut with the other magnet no matter were it is on my lash. And thats not a look Im going for. It takes a good ten takes before you can actually leave the house and although they look amazing. Your girl just doesn’t have the patience for that. Im thinking it may be easier to put these on other people so Im going to hang on to them for my collection but Ive only got Alex to test on at the moment and there is no way he is letting me go near his eyes with these!



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