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New In Beauty #1

Dont forget to fall in love with yourself first. 

Being a ‘Beauty blogger’ has its perks. The postman is my bestie and when things land on my door step I either love it or hate it. 

(Before the criticism starts, I hardly see myself as a blogger never mind a beauty blogger but for the basis of this post lets just pretend for two minutes) 

I am very lucky to now and again receive parcels with beauty items. Actually lets get one thing settled this little series that I am starting is not new in beauty for the world but for me. Some yes, may be new in for the world but i am going to hazard a guess that most is only going to be new for me. 

First thing that landed at my door is something very much needed for me. I am shit scared of the dentist. For real. I do brush my teeth before that gets thrown around for fun, every morning and night and will have you know. But I could really do with going to the dentist but we aren’t going to get into the nitty gritty because frankly I fucking hate talking about it never mind telling somebody else. But I thought that if I make my teeth a little whiter it might make up for the not so gorgeous set of teeth I own. When I was asked if I would like to try the Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Kit of course I was like hell yeah. So here we are a week on and I think this has actually whitened my teeth. I am very skeptic about teeth whitening kits but this little gem is a natural kit with non-peroxide ingredients, which I am going to be honest has no idea what that means. Apparently a quick google is telling me it can kill a cell in your tooth. So I’m more than happy this is not killing nothing. Basically you pop a 1.5ml of gel in the top and bottom of the tooth guard each day, pop it in your mouth and press the button for the light. This will stay on for ten minutes before turning off. Ive found this super simple to use and usually find I’m putting away clothes or making the bed whilst I use it. I love this product and will definitely be using it regularly. It also has 1/3 off at Superdrug up until the 21/08/2018. 

These next two items were actually sent to me a month or so ago. But Im the type of gal who when my skincare routine is working I stick to it and there is no changing me unless all the gals are raving about something else. But once my moisturiser ran out I thought I would give these two a try and I actually really like them. These two products are from Indeed Labs, both packaging are a little bit of me. Think sleek, white, pink. Your gal pretty much. These products are for the peeps who need all the hydration and while I have pretty oily skin sometimes my skin craves a little bit of moisture. I hate the word moist more than the next girl so we are going to skip past that quickly. Although I can’t use this everyday because my face would literally be dripping with a oily mess, I have been using it once or twice a week to give my skin a little drink. I realise I haven’t actually mentioned the name of the products yet. We have the Hydraluron Moisture boosting facial serum and the Hydraluron moisture jelly. 

Im a pretty boring girl when it comes to my make-up although I absolutely love it I get a little nervous on the whole full glam. My low self-esteem tells me Im not good enough which results in 5 makeup wipes later and heading out the house with my basic look again. however I have been loving lashes lately, I feel like they can add so much to a pretty natural look. When We Love Lashes asked if I would like to try some of their lashes I was of course jumping at the chance. I also went for a couple of pairs of lashes that are a little more out there for me. The first pair being the Red Cherry Lashes in #WSP and the second is Molly. I will have a close up of both pairs of lashes on my instagram stories. They are amazing quality and are so easy to apply, I am hopefully going to be showing you some more adventurous makeup looks soon, keep your pesky little eye out for those. 

The last new in for this episode is a lip balm. I dont know about you but my skin has had a little bit of a melt down with the recent heat wave that has hit the Uk and my lips dont know what to think. They are super dry and just can’t cope with this heat. You can imagine how thankful I was when this landed. Can I just say this is the most bouji lip balm I have ever used. I mean look at that box it comes in. Bali Balm actually use 100% natural ingredients which is epic. 



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