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My Secret Obsession With Oil

I know you’ve probably read the title of this and thought what the hell. But I am totally obsessed with oil. In the world of beauty we are talking here not the kitchen. I love the glow and health benefits it gives to you skin, hair and nails. I quite simply just can’t give enough. If you read this post last year where I discussed how scared I use to be of oil you will be pretty surprised to know I use it every single day now. If you really can’t be bothered to go back and read that post, first who are you? second lets just shorten the story down for you. I always stuggled with super oily skin, by the end of the day my make-up had totally slid off my face and was shinning too bright. Not in a good highlighter way, in a gross fry an egg type of way. I had always stayed clear from any oil type product for any part of my body as I had decided that the cause of this awful oil was due to too much, why would I add more. A little research into oily skin later and I found out that your skin may be producing too much oil as it doesn’t have enough so produces way more than it needs. I was advised to add an oil into my skincare. Within a week it was like magic. LITERALLY! The oil had reduced so much on my skin. So I continued using oil and added a whole more into my life. Let me tell you exactly what I use and why.


1. Facial Oils.

These are my little beauties. I use these around 2/3 times a week. Not each, I just switch up the ones I am using depending the needs of my face. As if my face needs anything, who am I! I tend to use oils on my face to help reduce the production of oil my glands are producing. I saw a huge difference in using these oils on my face within a few weeks. It also helps with any scaring I have on my face. I’m a picker, not proud, but if I see a little something on my face. I’m the kinda girl who picks until I realise what I am doing and force myself to stop. The oils I use really help to promote a reduction in the scars that show on my face. The few I am rotating in my skincare at the moment are the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum, Antipodes Facial Oil and the .

2.Body Oils.

I only really started using oils on my body this year. I was sick of the super dry skin I have on the back of my arms and legs, I felt like thick moisturisers where just not cutting it. To me I felt like they where sat on the top of my skin rather than soaking right in. I also felt like I needed to keep my skin super hydrated as I am going to the gym at least 3 times a week. One of my all time favourites for my body is Bio Oil, I find this keeps my skin super hydrated, it looks crazy glowing and just an all round amazing oil. It also helps dramatically with any pesky stretch marks you might have sneaking up on your skin. The only thing I don’t love about Bio Oil is the scent so maybe next time I’ll be on the look out for something a little more scent appealing. I have also been loving using the Jojoba company oil on my body where I have particularly dry patches or uneven skin tone. Another way I have been loving getting some good oils into my skin is by popping some in the bath, not only does this really help you relax whilst your in the bath with the warmth of the water heating the oil up and releasing the scent. But it also really hydrates your skin, I have seen a huge difference using an oil in the bath, if you would prefer this to then massaging it into your body after the bath.

3.Hair & Nails.

I know adding oil to your hair is just asking for a disaster but if you add it sparingly to the tips then your safe. There is nothing better than that feeling of super soft hair. I don’t use oil on my hair after every was because tbh I really dont think it needs it but every few washes I add a little of the Wella Oil Reflections, not only does make my hair look unreal but it also smells insane. To keep my nails super strong I use the Nails Inc oil pen, I probably use this once a week on my nails to keep them super healthy.

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  • olivia

    Facial oils have become a major part of my skincare, I was also worried about using them because of super oily skin but what a difference they make! I love hair oils too but may need to look into body oils!

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