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#lfbeautybox October

Rewind a couple of years and I was all about the beauty box subscriptions, fast forward a few years and here I am. Still absolutely love them but never really get them. In all honesty, when I had to be a little more >savvy< with my money the subscription boxes had to take a little step back. I was far too scared to get myself a beauty box where in all honestly I didn’t have a clue if I would love or hate it. Majority it was love but you know there was a few times that there where a few products that just didn’t make the cut. Why are you writing a post about a beauty box, I hear you all shout. Ok probably not, your just here to find out whats in this box and decide if you should possibly buy one next month.

This box was free. No I’m not kidding. F R E E.

I signed up to Top Cash Back a few weeks ago after a few people has told me they really liked using it. To quickly some up what it is, basically as it says on the tin, its ¬†cash back site. You click on the link through the Top Cash Back site and your transferred through to the site you are shopping on. You then get a certain % back depending on what the deal is. In a nut shell you are getting a certain % off whatever it is your buying as you get the cash back. They also do lots of different offers. I received an email claiming “free gift for you”. Obviously I clicked on it. Our society loves anything free. It was intact 100% cashback on the Look Fantastic Beauty Box. Of course I added it straight to my basket and bought it.

It arrived at the beginning of October and the cash back hit straight into the site, you can then claim this back and get it transferred into your bank account. Is this not the best thing ever. If you would like to join up click here.


Now onto what you really here for.(By the way I haven’t used any of this stuff yet) Whats in the box:

Model Co – Instant Radiance Concealer- illuminates as it conceals, creamy longer formula glides smoothly onto the skin. It is also exclusive to this box.

Skimono – Hand Mask – asian beauty trend, intensively nourishes hands.

Bean Body – Coffee Bean & Coconut Body Scrub – vegan, cruelty free and smells heavenly, scrub your body and leave to dry for five minutes.

Lancer – The Method – Polish – everyday exfoliating, resurface and even skin tone.

Monu Skin – Firming Facial Oil – soothing facial oil to fight dehydration.

Ciate – Wunderland Mascara – intensely volumising and lengthening mascara, vegan and cruelty free.


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