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July Favourites

I haven’t posted a monthly favourites in a while but I thought it was about time to get back to it. Im trying to use up products that I already have in so I a trying new things lots. Throwing products I hate away and generally trying lots of new things. I don’t really have anything else to say so lets just get on with this one. Short and sweet. I need to make note.

Skincare is slowly becoming my jam. I am loving everything about it. The application, the pretty bottles and to be honest, most of all. I feel like I’ve got my shit together when I use it properly. Anyone else get that? My one absolute favourite of the month is actually a sample product, its nearly finished and I am going to be so sad to see it go. I may have to add it to the birthday list cause thats only at the end of the month.

I feel like I am really keeping you waiting for this one….

Its the Peter Thomas Roth Blemish Buffing Beads. I’m going to be honest this was one of those products that you get free with purchase and you just kind of pop it in the draw with all the other samples you own and never use them. In my bid to try and use up my products I pulled this little beaut out. Honestly, I was amazed with the colour of this product, it looks so chemically and cool that I needed to test it out. I used it once and totally fell in love. I have been using this once a week as an exfoliating treatment and can truly say I have found a total difference with my skin. My blemishes seem to be under a little more control my skin doesn’t seem to be as clogged up as it was and your skin is left feel ahhmazing when you have used it. So much so that I actually can’t stop feeling my skin once I have dried my face. This product has salicylic acid which helps to clear up blemishes due to structure which makes it oil soluble allowing it to penetrate out pores and get to the root of the blemish. Let’s just call it acne biggest enemy. The inner science lover is oozing out a little. This then helps to remove the ‘glue’ in our skin which removes the dead skin cells and dirt which is clogging up our pores, fighting the blemish that are already there and helping to keep skin clear of any other blemishes. It also has glycol acid which is an amazing gentle exfoliator, this helps to removed the top layer of dead skin which promotes a healthy, radiant looking complexion. For those not into that kinda thing, lets just say its the best thing for those fighting spots, buy it, try it and love it.

There are three make-up products making an appearance this month. Two are OG and one slightly newer although I am sure we have all heard of it. Lets start with an OG.

Nars Orgasm blush, when I added this onto my Christmas list a few years a go I really didn’t want to have to give it to my mam. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. And I needed this blusher. I have been using it so much more over the past month, I feel like I have rekindled my love for the little beaut. For those of you who don’t know this blusher it is the perfect pink shade with the most beautiful golden reflex running through it. Can you get anymore summer perfect. I have no other words to describe this blush so lets just move swiftly on. The next OG is my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. Lets not kid around here. We all have had this at some point or have at least one back up waiting to be used. I use mine in fair 1 to highlight my under eyes, and the centre of my face. I just can’t get enough and for £4.99 we can’t complain.

On to the newer product. Although it has been out a while and every blogger and their mam are using it. Its the Benefit Ka-Brow, mine is in shade 3. I have only recently got to grips with my brows and confidently now say that I actually like doing my brows. You also get the cutest little brush with his brow gel but I tend to stick to my trusty zooeva brow brush. This brow gel is one of those that you have to work quick with, if you make a mistake your pretty much going to have to start again and I think that why it took me so long to get to grips with this. There are definitely other things in the Benefit brow range that I want to try out.

This months favourite where kinda short but sweet but I thought I would stick to me real, true favourites rather than adding everything in. Lets see what August has to bring.

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