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Lifestyle // What I Read In: July


If you read my Mid Year Goals review you’ll know one thing I said I would do a lot more is read. I really stepped up on this one this past month and actually made my way through four books. For me that’s a hell of a lot. For some of you, you probably read that many in a week we are getting there okay, slowly but surely. Maybe I can challenge myself to read five this month. I am really enjoying reading at the moment, and personally like to read lots of different genres. I tend to change it up every time I read a new book. One thing about me when I read is that I have to be able to get into the book straight away other wise it’ll sit on the coffee table until a new one comes along. IMG_6269Me Before You – JoJo Moyes
This one was a must and the first one I read in July. It was all everyone was talking about and I knew I wanted to read it before I watched the movie, fun fact about me is that I still haven’t seen the movie yet. But the book was incredible. It is a total romance with a little twist. Although it is a very heart breaking upsetting book, which I actually ended up getting very angry with in the end will you have hooked. I got to a point when I couldn’t put it down and then hit a spot where I didn’t want to pick it up anymore. It’s one that needs to be read, right now.


The Returned – Seth Patrick
This I was a little confused with, I loved it at some points and at other times I hated how long the book seemed to be going on. The story was amazing but I just felt it went on a little too long, without enough explanation. Its one of those books where you are forced to continue reading purely because you need to know whats going to happen next.


All The Bright Place – Jennifer Niven
WOW, that’s all I can really say. This one is such an amazing YA book, a heart warming story that really gets you playing on your emotions. You really get to know the characters inside out in this story, I’ll be keeping this one on my bookshelf for when I’m feeling like I need a good read again. Highly recommenced this one!


Everything Everything – Nicola Yoon
Another YA book that really opened up my eyes to the world. Seeing what kind of things people go through and how one peoples behaviors can have such an effect on all the people around them. I found this such an easy read the way it is set up and it was also another that was glued to my hands I was enjoying it so much.



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