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Fashion // The Autumn Transition


You all know the inner fashionista inside me is bursting to get out, but I lack the confidence to take me from ordinary girl, to girl who slays the fashion world. Who are we kidding, there are so many outfit photos on pinterest that I keep pinning and being all yeah, I can achieve this look. When in reality I just don’t have the confidence to let myself branch out of my comfort zone and just go for it. I have however had a change around in my wardrobe which has meant that I now have a wardrobe bursting with autumnal goodness rather than the floaty pastel tops, and light denim. I will admit there hasn’t been many new purchases as some of you may know I am in the process of saving for my first house so you gotta use what you’ve got in. But this is how I transitioned my wardrobe from summer to autumn. 

Pack Away 
The first thing I do when its a major change in seasons is pack away all of last seasons stuff. Or stuff that I know for sure I won’t be wearing for a long time. I pull out all the shorts, summer skirts/dresses etcetc. I fold these away and either put them in a cupboard which you don’t use or even just place them at the back of your wardrobe if you don’t have anywhere else to store them. If you have some items that you’re not sure what season they fit into and you think you may be able to wear them in the autumn then keep them out. Vest’s are something that I keep out because scratchy jumpers are not for me. I love a good jumper, but it if it’s that super itchy material I’m going to have to put a vest under. That’s fine you can keep those out, I’m not saying store everything at the back. Just what you know your not going to wear.

Pull Out 
Those items that haven’t been worn for months, pull them out. I then create two piles, one for if it needs freshening up and the other that needs to be stored away. I pop those that need a quick wash straight in the washer so I can then look at all my clothes at once. I then organise into certain sections. But this part is completely up to you, it totally depends how you like to store your clothes. As you know I am organised kinda gal, so these have to be put into sections.

Autumn Outfits 
I then like to look at the clothes I have try on different outfits, see what looks amazing together. This way when it comes to a morning when I am going out shopping, or to the movies for date night, I have a couple of ideas of which outfits I can put together. I then also know if there is anything I need to add to my wardrobe, if its a long sleeve top that was looking a bit shabby from last year, or even a different colour top that you think will work fab underneath your pinafore dress. I even put my coats and shoes with the outfits, because then you know exactly what your going to be popping on!


Until next time,
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