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Beauty // Favourites July Edit


I’m a tad late I know, but when life calls you’ve just got to attend. But as I said a little while ago I’m blogging when I want and what I want so really ive got nothing to apologise for but I still feel the need to. Anyway, the past month has been a little more of habit filling rather than new products but that will be the same for August to, due to a huge spending ban for New York at the beginning of September. July for me was one of those months where I just didn’t think it was ever going to end, August is full of exciting things so of course July was going to drag a lot!! Rambles over, onto what I used a hell of a lot of during July.

IMG_6245 IMG_6255

I’ve been having a real battle with my hair at the moment, it just seems to have a life of it own and does as it pleases. Thats not how I like to roll. With long thick hair I really have to take time on what I do with my hair, it’s not a case of getting out of bed on a morning and walking out the door, it needs some serious taming. I am actually contemplating getting around 10 inches cut off at the moment, but I just don’t know if I can really do it but I do want to. This one might sound like a strange favourite since I have just been winging about having thick hair but one product that I have been using every time I have washed my hair is the Elvive Fibrology Double Elixir, this does two things to your hair creates an instant thick look and also is an amazing detangling spray. I obviously use it for the latter since my thick hair is one reason why I have to set my alarm for twenty minutes earlier every morning. If I am totally honest, I picked this up because it looked amazing sat on the shelf, its one of those products that separate and need shaking before application. This stuff is incredible to help get knots out of my hair, with my hair being so thick it helps to separate the knots without damaging my hair too much. Anther product I have been using on my hair non stop is the Vo5 Smooth Does It, this is almost like a shine spray. You can spray it on your hair before using heat or spray it on your brush before brushing your hair through. This adds an amazing shine to your hair without making it look greasy or like you havent washed in months.

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You’ll be surprised that there is no real beauty products in this edit purely because I have been using the exact same products as last month, so really there’s no point in repeating. The few things I have been using a lot this month which I havent used in a while are some skin care products. Pixi Glow Tonic is one item that I have loved ever since I put in my skincare draw, this exfoliates the skin whilst toning. It is my little baby, this helps to get rid of any of the dead skin cells that seem to be lurking around on my face, nasty! This has really helped to keep my spots at bay. Although I would say not to use this twice a day as it can be quite harsh on the face. To keep my skin hydrated this past month I have been using the Acene Ultra Clear, I apply this on an evening before I go to bed, not only does it help to keep my spots away but it also makes my skin feel so smooth when I wake up the next morning. I have pretty textured skin so something that makes it feel smooth is a winner for me. Another moisturiser I have been loving is from The Body Shop, it’s the Vitamin E Moisture Cream. This I have been using on a morning to help keep my skin hydrated before applying my make-up. This feels super silky when you apply it which I personally love, I really want to try some of the other products in this range. The last item in this months favourite is another item from The Body Shop which is the Strawberry Lip Butter, for some reason over the past month my lips have been super dry. To be honest I really have no idea why, as its normally the colder months that my lips start to take the plunge down hill. This has kept them super hydrated and also smells (and tastes) amazing!!

CharlotteSamantha, OX





  • Natasha Todd

    I love Body Shop and only ever hear good things about the Vitamin E range! Will have to try this out as I love the idea of the silky feel you say you get when applying. Great post! x

    Tash |

    • Charlotte Samantha

      Its soso good, I cant wait to try some of the other products in the range ox

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