August Goals

You got this babe.

This is a little bit new for me but as your stereotypical vergo I’m all about the list, the goals, the lets get this shit done. 

So it seems only right that I start a new little thing over here and actually tell you what I want to achieve in the month ahead. 

Not only does this make me write a blog post and you know your gal couldn’t think of what else to post but it also holds me accountable. And shit does that make me nervous. I don’t wanna be letting you all down by not hitting any of these goals. 

Im not saying these goals are going to be huuuuge. They may be as small as finish that god damn shitty book you’ve been trying to get through. Or clean that make up out gal that eyeshadow you’ve had since you were 16 needs to go. So theres going to be no general get your shit together cause what does that even mean.

Back to the reason we are actually around. Im trying not keep you any longer than I really need to. 

Plan out that blog. 
Now Im not talking writing down everything I am going to tweet, insta and post. Oh no no. I just want to make more of a list of the ideas that keep coming to mind that just don’t come to life. I find myself getting in a little cycle when it comes to my blog. I think of ideas, don’t do anything with them, decide I want to blog and don’t know what to post. And the cycle goes on and on. Its a never ending cycle of doom. If your gal gets this down we gunna be celebrating up in here.

Start the Autumn wardrobe.
When it starts to get to this time of year I always pang for the Autumn. For any of you newbs Autumn is my season. I thrive in the Autumn and life is just the best I the Autumn. I actually want to start to clear out my autumn wardrobe, there are a few jumpers in there that the moths have been loving a little too much. I wanna get ahead of the game, do ya hear me.

Try some new recipes.
Food is life. But do you ever find that you make the same meal again and again. Its boring. Lets make august the month I try new recipes. I can actually give this a small tick as I made a new meal last night. I didnt love it so not going to share it but maybe if I do make something new that is great I can share it over on my Insta stories. Cheeky little plug my insta is @Charlotte.samantha. 

And there we have it. Lets smash these goals for August and I’ll let you know in Septembers Goals as to which I have hit and which will be following me, haunting me until I can eventually be like your gal did it.