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Hiya lovelies! Todays post is new to me but is one that I love to read on other peoples blogs and as you will be able to see from the title it is a products ive used up, by no mean does this mean ive loved all the products I have just simply used them up.Read More

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Hiyaa!! I’m finally sticking to my plan and blogging every two days, yippee to me! In tonight’s post I thought id chat to you about some personal things that has been happening with me lately and I think it is important to chat about. And that is university. From being young I have always dreamedRead More

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Hello!! As some of you may know I started a youtube channel a few months ago but only added one video as I felt like nobody was watching them and also didn’t feel like I had much time to blog and do videos. BUT… I have had a change of heart as I enjoyed makingRead More