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Walk – Run

If you read last weeks post all about my new found motivation you will know that I have started to run. Don’t get any crazy ideas I’m not running miles and miles everyday. I’ve never been a one for running. It’s always an idea of mine when I’m going to sleep is that I’ll wake up nice and early, put on my running shoes straight away and I’m out of the door. Lets face it never works like that! I turn the alarm off, shut my eyes and go back into a dream land. Bliss. But  sleep unfortunately doesn’t help us lose weight.

I’ve had a slight change in my ideas in the way that my exercise will work. I’d love to be the kind of person who would be able to workout in the morning that way I know I would be very good with the eating malarkey over the day. But for now I have started to run on an evening, I run around the block or around the field to start with but I will build as time goes on. The best way to get your mojo with running is not to push yourself too hard. Go in it with ease, start with a walk everyday. Once you have built this up you can start to turn them into short jogs. Even if you have to stop and walk a little way. It will get to the point when you can run forever and ever well that’s what I am hoping for anyway. I’ll report back when I’m a little more into my running and keep you updated with how I am managing.





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